Sing at FEARLESS 2018 with Tim Godfrey, Travis Greene, The Xtreme

 FEARLESS 2018 with Tim Godfrey, Travis Greene, The Xtreme

Beloved, This is an opportunity of a life time for every up & coming ARTISTE out there!
We are SO EXCITED ON YOUR BEHALF!! Why? This is an opportunity for you to sing at FEARLESS along side Tim Godfrey, Travis Greene & The Xtreme.


1.Repost this post
2.Do an IG video of you singing this song attached to this video singing this song the best way you can and Tag @timgodfreyworld
3.Use the hashtag #singatfearless and include (your location) e.g- #singatfearlessPortharcourt or #singatfearlessabuja
4.Videos that adhere to these instructions will be reposted, get your friends to LIKE your video on @timgodfreyworld page
5.Top Ten videos with the highest likes will be selected and will move to the Next Round!!! GOODLUCK GUYS.

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