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Sermon for today by Joel osteen: THE DIVINE FLOW OF LOVE


Some people say to me, “I would like to feel God.” When they say this, they are usually thinking of some sort of emotional or physical sensation.

They want to feel something like an electric current surging through their body as evidence that God is with them. Or they want an experience such as they may have heard about fromsomeone else—fire out of heaven, flashes of lightning, or a bright light shining down from heaven.

They think that is the only way to feel God. But that is not the only way. We can feel God’s presence and power in many ways.
God is love. There is a way of feeling God by feeling love. When “the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us” (Romans 5:5),

we are feeling God. There can come into our lives a flow of divine love and
compassion that has nothing to do with our minds. It has nothing to do with our personalities. It is implanted instantaneously and supernaturally in our hearts and rises up in us. Then it flows out of us toward individuals.

This is surely the moving of God. When you feel this love, you are feeling
God, for God is love.

I remember the first time I felt this divine flow of love— this surging of God’s power. Shortly after I received the baptismof the Holy Spirit, I told my congregation that God is a miracle worker and that I was praying for miracles to take place in our church.

However, it didn’t happen, and I cried to the
Lord, “Why don’t you confirmyour Word, Lord?” I learned that there is a vast difference in telling people that and in
preaching the Word of God. The Bible says that the disciples “went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with
them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs” (Mark 16:20).

God has not obligated Himself to confirm
what I say. He has obligated Himself to confirm what He has said.

The Lord showed this to me and spoke to my heart, “Son, go out on that platformand preach My Word, and I will confirm my Word. I will stand behind My Word.”

I began to do this. Sunday after Sunday, I faithfully preached the Word. Then one Wednesday night God seemed to give me a special anointing, and the scriptures became alive as the words poured frommy heart to the congregation.



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As I began to talk about the Jesus of the Bible, it seemed as though He marched right out of the scriptures fromthe Gospels and stood in our midst.

Faith began to rise. Suddenly I noticed a girl about twelve or thirteen years of age sitting in the front of the church.

She had a clubbed foot and had to wear a special built-up shoe.

Her ankle was as stiff as steel. I felt a divine flow of love in my heart streaming out toward this girl. Something welled up in me like a golden bowl full of love. I didn’t think about her being sick or crippled.

It was not so much that I was conscious of her being in need of healing. I felt only a supernatural kind of compassion for her.

This love just poured out of me, and I felt
as if I wanted to go to her and pick her up in my arms.

It was that night, without my even laying hands upon her, that suddenly, as she looked to Jesus, her ankle instantly
became normal.

A miracle of God took place as a result of the divine flow of love to her.
If you wonder why it happened, know simply that it was God!

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