Sermon for today by Charles F. Stanley:firmly Anchored


    Topic:     Firmly    Anchored

God will always lead you
according to His will.

At times, God will bring a specific Scripture to mind to deliver His hope and reassurance to your heart. At other times, He will challenge you to pray and seek His wisdom on a certain issue.

When you look to God in faith, He will always lead you according to His will. This may not happen overnight.

Many times, God will want you to meditate on a certain Scripture
passage over a period of time before He gives His guidance.

In 1 Samuel 7:1–3, we read that when David wanted to build the temple for the Lord, he first
expressed his desire to the prophet.

David didn’t order his men to begin construction but waited for God’s leadership. And it was a good thing he did, because the Lord wanted David’s son Solomon to do the job instead (see 1 Chronicles 28:6).

In Your presence is fullness of
joy; at Your right hand are
pleasures forevermore (Psalm

Later, after hearing God’s words from Nathan, he “sat before the LORD” (1 Samuel 7:18).This means he spent time alone in God’s presence,communicating with God from the depths of his
heart, asking Him questions, and listening quietly for His answers This was a pattern David developed
throughout his life.

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Being a man after God’s own
heart, he sought to know the mind and heart of God so he could do what the Lord desired of him.

God will honor your desire to
seek His wisdom.

God honored David’s attitude by giving him a wonderful promise:

“Your house and your kingdom shall be established forever before you. Your throne shall be established forever” (2 Samuel 7:16).

The Lord will likewise honor your desire to seek His guidance and wisdom. If you come to Him expecting Him to answer, He will never disappoint you.

If you are true to His Word and understand it within its context, you will recognize how to apply God’s principle and promises. you will find strenght cling to the Lord as an anchor during difficult times.

Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path. . . . I do
not forget Your law. The wicked
have laid a snare for me, yet I
have not strayed from Your
precepts. . . . You are my hiding
place and my shield; I hope in
Your word (Psalm 119:105,
109–110, 114).

11. Read Psalm 119:105–135. Nighttime travelers in David’s day had no streetlights to illuminate their
way, so they carried lanterns.

These handheld lights helped travelers avoid making wrong turns
and revealed potential dangers and obstacles in their path.

Life principle 3: firmly anchored by Charles F. Stanley 


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