Sermon for today by Charles F. Stanley:learning to stand


The harvest will come according
to God’s timetable.

The truth is that some crops are reaped quickly, while others take time. The harvest season will come, but it will be according to God’s timetable.

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So let Paul’s words in Galatians 6:7, “Whatever a man
sows, that he will also reap,” be a comfort and assurance to you today as you faithfully labor to sow godly seeds.

Know that your faithfulness will
produce a rich harvest in the future, for your heavenly Father always keeps His promises.

“All the nations will be gathered
before Him, and He will separate
them one from another, as a
shepherd divides his sheep from
the goats. And He will set the
sheep on His right hand, but the
goats on the left. Then the King
will say to those on His right
hand, ‘Come, you blessed of My
Father, inherit the kingdom
prepared for you from the
foundations of the world’ ”
(Matthew 25:32–34).


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