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Our Father and our God we give You Praise, Lord You are worthy of all Praise, for You alone is God.

Beside You there is no other God, none can compare unto You, none can be likened unto You, for thou are the King of Glory.

You are the Lord of Host, You are the Soon-Coming-King, You are our Ebenezer, You are our Helper, You are our Strength, You are our Fortress, You are our Provider – Receive our Praise in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Lord You have bidden us to come and we have come.

The gathering of tonight, Lord it is unto You, in the Name of Jesus Glorify Yourself.

In the midst of Your People, Glorify Yourself

In the Destiny of Your People, Glorify Yourself Lord.

Lord I yield myself unto You like pen – You are the Writer, Please use me Lord for without You I can’t do Nothing.

Speak through me, speak to us, let’s Your Word bring a Turnaround in our lives.

Thank You for answer Prayer.

I Jesus Most Precious Name we Pray – Amen!

God bless you – Please be seated.

Firstly may I convey our deep appreciation to our Leadership for inviting us to this Program – We thank our Youth Regional Pastor. Thank you so much sir. We also thank the Deputy – We thank you so much sir.

All the Excos Members, we thank you for the invitation –

And I believe God that this Convention will not be in vain in your lives – Amen.

I have a very deep conviction in my heart that at the end of this Convention, some Destinies will begin to manifest – Amen!.

Destinies that have hither too been buried, the Power of the Almighty God will resurrect such Destinies in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

And Destinies that have been Lost or tampered with, by the reason of the Activity of the evil ones or by reason of sin, today by the Mercy of the Almighty, God will reactivate those Destinies – Amen.

So I would like to encourage us tonight – Please pay close attention because God has something He want to send to you today or as you read now on the Label of DMC.

God has something to say to you today.

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I’ll be speaking on the Theme titled: ARISE MY DESTINY.

Now we have two words that we need to define:

The keywords, the first one is “ARISE”.

While the second is “Destiny“.

What does the word Arise means.

It means to come into being, to get up, to stand up, to come to Notice.

So the Destiny of somebody will come to noticed in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

And what does the word Destiny means.

It means the Purpose or future as arranged by God.

In another word Destiny also mean God’s Plan for a man lives or a woman lives – God’s Plans.

So when we s

ay “Arise my Destiny,” in other words we mean awake my God Ordained Purpose for my Life or get up, Stand up my God’s Given Purpose or future.

What God has designed for me, the Plan He has designed for me to fulfill in Life will get up, will arise, will be awaken, will begin to manifest.

And I Pray for somebody tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC; that in the Name that is above every other names; after this Convention, the Plans of God in your Life will begin to come into force – Amen!

The Power of Darkness will never be able to stop it in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

God has Plans or Purposes or future for all His Children.

He has very Specific Plan for every one of His Children.

The Bible tells me in the Book of Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of Peace, and not of evil, to give you an Expected end.


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The Good News Bible has a better translation, it says – I alone know the Plans I have for you, Plans to bring Prosperity not Disaster, Plans to bring about the future you hope for.

In the Name of Jesus receive that Plan now – Receive it now, receive it now, in the Mighty name of Jesus- Amen!.

You are not here on this Earth by mistake. God has designed that this Earth will see your manifestation – The manifestation of His Plan in your Life.

The Bible says, the Plan to bring you Prosperity, not Disaster.

I Pray for somebody here tonight or those reading now the Label of DMC – Every Negativity working against your Life, tonight by the Power that is in the Name of the Lord Jesus, it shall be reversed in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Every Plans of Disaster over your Life, over your Destiny is cancelled in the Name of Jesus – Amen!.

But the choice is our, whether to cooperate with the Plans God has for our lives or not – We have the responsibility to find out the Plans of God for our lives and cooperate with that Plans.

On the other hand we have a Choice to reject the Plans, we also have the Choice to despise the Plans.

The Bible speak of a man called Esau – Esau sold His Birthright which was the blessing he was to inherit as a first born son of Isaac.

That was the Plan of God.

The Book Hebrews says He despised it NOTES: Hebrews 12: 16-17).

I Pray for somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – You will not despite the Plan of God for your Life in the Name of Jesus – Amen.

We will take our Bible Text this Night from two (2) Passages of the Scriptures – Genesis 21: 8-20 and Genesis 16: 1-4.

Frequently when we read Genesis 16 and Genesis 21, we usually focus attention on Abraham, Isaac and Sarah.

Less often do we focus our attention on Hagar and Ishmael – Less often.*

But I believe tonight the Lord wants us to see the Scriptures from the Perspectives of Hagar and Ishmael.

Now but Ishmael and His mother Hagar were victims, victims of Destiny.

They were victims of Destiny.

There are events, certain event – Events and circumstances in Life that shape or take away the Plans of God in a man’s life.

We see in a case of Hagar and Her son Ishmael, they have no control over the events that shaped their lives – They have no control.

And I will look at both Hagar and Ishmael because it is Possible that tonight that there are People also here or also reading now on the Label of DMC that events over their lives, have shaped their lives or will shaped their lives.

They seems to have little control over them.

1. Hagar was born a free girl but circumstance of life made her to become a Slave.*

King James described Her as a “Hand Maid”while the Good News translation describes Her as “Slave Woman”.

No one, No man, No girl chooses happily to be a Slave – No! Circumstances conscripted People to become so.

In this case we see Hagar was conscripted and She became a Slave.

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And there are circumstance in your Life that have forced you to live Life that way – To live Substandard Life, Sub Human Life.

I. You eat what you eat not because it is what you want to eat, but it is because it is what you get.

II. You live where you live not because you want to live there, but it is because it is the only option available.

2. We see again Hagar –
She was not responsible for Sarah barrenness.

The Bible says God restrained her for bearing children – That Sarah was barren was not traceable to Hagar.

But what happened?

She became a victim of the consequence of Sarah barrenness.

Sarah negotiated with Her husband for Hagar to become His wife, yet Hagar was not consulted.

Neither Sarah not Abraham discussed with Hagar, her consent was not sort, neither were her yield sort – Yet she was conscripted and she became a wife.


3. Sarah arranged for her to be a “Surrogate Mother”.

NOTES: surrogate Motherhood, is s Practice in which a woman (The Surrogate Mother) bears a child for a couple who are unable to Produce children in the usual way, usually because the wife is infertile or otherwise unable to undergo Pregnancy.

If you read the Scriptures very well, you will see that the Purpose to which Sarah gave Abraham Hagar to be wife, is that, for Hagar to bear children who will be Sarah’s children not Hagar’s children – And that is Surrogacy.

For her to become a “Surrogate Mother”, this young lady was not consulted – Whether she liked the arrangement or she didn’t liked the arrangement.


4. It is unclear from the Scriptures whether Abraham liked the idea or not, but what the Bible says is that, he hearkened to the voice of Sarah – He listened to the voice of his wife and took Hagar to wife.

Now are there circumstances, hardship, temptations, effects of drugs, alcohol or activities of wicked men or women in your Life that have forced you to become an unintended mother or father?

Today there are young girls who have children that they never Plan for – They were raped by evil men. They become mothers not because they Plan so, but just bt event.

In June this Year (2023); we invited a Pastor to our Church who gave us a Testimony of his Life.

His own very mother was a mad woman who lived under the bridge. A man maybe for the sake of Power or whatever raped the mother – Raped this mad woman and she conceived and gave birth to this brother.

The mother delivered him under the bridge.

He never knew His father or any Relations of the mother – Under the bridge the mother lives, they came to take him away, the mother wouldn’t let it.

While he was less than ten (10) years old, his mother died and he didn’t know any Relations of the mother nor father.

It was the Area boys living in that Neighborhood that assisted him – A young boy of less than ten (10) years old to bury his mother.

But thank God, there is a God in Heaven – That God picked him up.

Today this brother is a Pastor in The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

Members of our Church who are here will recollect the brother – He came to Minister in our Church.

He was a Product of a mad woman – A mad woman that have no Relations.

Today this brother had no Relation because he does not know his mother’s Relations, No father!.

… Events that shaped the Destiny of People.

Are there Events like this?

There is a God in Heaven – There is a God in Heaven that is able to redirect Destiny.

And if your Destiny has been shaped by events that you could not control for good, tonight God will reverse it in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

Hagar was a victim of Destiny.


5. She was married to a man, but yet was not allowed to enjoy the right and privilege of being a wife – Sarah one day determined that the marriage was over.

She told Abraham, cast out this “Bond Woman”.


I. She was supposed to be a wife, yet in the eyes of Sarah, she was still a Slave.

II. Her son was supposed to be an “Adopted Son” of Sarah, yet in the eyes of Sarah, she was a son of a Slave.

I don’t know the story of the circumstance of your birth.

6. What about Ishmael?

This young boy had no control over the circumstance of His birth, just like you and I.

I didn’t choose my father neither you.

He didn’t choose his mother – He had no choices as to any election whether to pick Sarah to be his mother or Hagar. It was Destiny arranged before him.

I. There are People here who may be Product of Polygamy.

II. There are People here who may be Product of Single mothers.

III. There are People here who may have been abandoned by their fathers.

IV. There are People here who may have been abandoned by families.

V. There are People here who may have been left without family support and are unable to continue their Education.

You are not alone.

7. At a tender age, Hagar and Ishmael were driven out of the only family they knew – They were driven out of the only home they knew.

But thank God that there is a God in Heaven.

While they were wandering in the wilderness aimlessly, in the heat of the desert hopelessly, tired, hungry, and rejected; God showed up.

I have Good News for somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – I don’t know what the circumstance of your Life has been, but I assure you, God will show up for you – Amen!

Ishmael was driven out of the house by the only father he knew – They were left to go without Sustainer or Provision (No Provision was made for His future).

I don’t know who you are here tonight or reading now through on the Label of DMC – That your family have left you without any care, the God that picked up Ishmael will pick you up in the Name of Jesus – Amen!)

The voice of the God of Mercy met them – Thank God!.

The Bible says, both of them were casted out, they were lost and they were wandering in the lonely desert, thirsty, exhausted tired, hopeless, rejected by the only family they knew – But God found them!

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The Mercy of God located them.


This Night, I like to Prophesy to somebody here – I don’t know what has happened to you or what is happening to you, or to your Destiny, and your Life is like the Life of a Wanderer; the Lord has sent me to Prophesy to you tonight, that the God that build Destiny will rebuild your Destiny for you in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Water had finished from the water bottle and Ishmael was left by the mother to die.

The mother sat aside crying, weeping over the boy who will die.

I don’t know if the Provision you have has finished, if you have exhausted your Provision, whether your families have exhausted their Provision, the God that is able to Provide a well when “Bottle Water” is finished will Provide a well for you in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

While they were crying for “Bottle Water”, God gave them a well.

I Prophesy to you – Receive your well in Jesus Name – Amen!.

The Bible says, Hagar wept, cried, and Ishmael too cried, but then God heard the cry of Ishmael.

I don’t know what your cry has been over the past years, God will hear your cry tonight – Amen!

God will hear the cry of your family tonight in the Name of Jesus – Amen!.

And God said unto Hagar – He said, Arise lift up the boy, the lad, Arise lift up the boy.

I see God saying tonight to somebody Arise.

I see God saying Arise to you.

I see God saying to you Stand up.

I see God saying to you get up, get up into your Destiny in the Name of Jesus – Amen.

Whosoever has held you down, that you cannot stand into your Destiny, I see God releasing you today in the Name of the Lord Jesus – Amen!

God commanded the Destiny of this boy to Arise as He opened the eyes of Hagar – Behind her was a well of water, but her eyes were closed, and she couldn’t see it.

A few years ago, my wife and I brought a Property.

Now while we were renovating the Property, we realised that the Property was too small. While we were buying it, we didn’t realised that.

We realised it was too small – We have a habit of holding Fellowship in our house, our home. So we now ask ourselves, if we have a Fellowship, where will People stay?.

So we went to God in Prayer, within one week, just two houses away from that house was a bigger house put for sales and we didn’t see it.

And God gave us that big house – Our eyes were closed.

I Prophesy to somebody here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC – Before the end of this Convention, God will open your eyes – Amen!

He will open your eyes to Opportunities you never knew about, Opportunities that are beside you, Opportunities and Greatness, God will open your eyes, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

And God said very sweet words to the ears of Hagar – He said I will make Ishmael a Great Nation.

I Jehovah, I the Almighty, I that owns the Heaven and the Earth will make Ishmael a Great Nation (DMC NOTES: Genesis 17:20).

This was a boy whom the mother has given up on, fearing He will die, God was turning him into a Great Nation.

I see God saying to somebody here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC, that you will not die until you achieve Greatness – Amen!

Because God has destined Ishmael to be a Great Nation, there was no way Ishmael will die without accomplishing that Purpose.

So one more time I said to you, you will not leave this Earth until you achieve the Greatness God has Planned for you – Amen! .

Genesis 21 verse 20 – And God was with the boy.


What does it mean for God to be with a Person.

1. It means you have no need to fear as God will deliver you from all troubles – Jeremiah 1:8.

2. It means that God will fulfill all the Promises He had made to you – Genesis 28:15.

3. It means no man can hurt you – Acts 18:10.

4. It means God will honour and establish what He has said to you, it will come to pass – 1 Samuel 3:19.

5. It means you will enjoy Mercy from God – Genesis 39:21.

6. It means you will wax great – 1 Chronicles 11:9.

In conclusion, friend let no man deceive you, God Controls and Shape the Destiny of man.

In Jeremiah 1:5, He says: Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the Nations.

So friend, don’t joke with God! He has the Power to make and re-make Destinies, He has the Power to Change Destinies.


Some People have lost their Destinies and God given Destiny out of several factors:

Number 1: Act of Disobedience.

Disobedience in the Choice they have made in Life.

I. We see an Example of that in Brother Samson.

God forbade Samson from the lifestyle he was living – A lifestyle of harlot. But Samson will not hear.

Samson died from the bad Choice he made.

II. What about King Saul?

God had raised Saul to be King in Israel, but Saul disobeyed God. God took away the Throne from Saul.

For Disobedience, Saul lost a Glorious Destiny.

Are you here – Brother or Sister, that you are losing your Destiny out of disobedience to God?.

Number 2: What else can cause me to lose my Destiny – Carelessness.

I. We see the Story of Esau in Genesis 25: 30 – 34.

He sold his birthright, he despise it, he looked down on it because of Porridge.

Are you looking down on the Blessings of God in your Life?.

Number 3: What else can cause a man to lose His destiny – Sin.

There is a Popular Story we all know about in Luke Chapter 15 – The Story of the Prodigal son.

Often where we read it, we do not read it in the light of sin.

This was a boy that rebelled against the Authority of his father – He wanted to live a “Carefree Life”, wanted to live like other People.

He wanted to do things that other children did and so he told his father to share his Wealth.

His father divided the Wealth into two, and gave him a Portion.

The Bible says, he took to a long journey – He went to a far place and lived there carelessly, and began to Participate in owanbe (NOTES: “Owambe” means Partying), live a “Careless Life” with women – Life of drinking, Life with harlot, and all the money he took away finished.

NOTES: Owanbe is a Western Language in Nigeria literally meaning it is there, however when a Nigeria says owanbe, it’s commonly means a party with plenty of food and drinks and putting on uniform clothes.

The Bible says when he came to his senses, he said, he will go to his father and said I have seen against God and against you.

He recognised that he had sinned against God and against his father.

He came to his father, and because of that recognition, God gave that boy a Second Chance.

You may be here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC – Sin had caused you to lose your Destiny.

But there is a God that gives Second Chance – If you will come to Him in humility, if you will come to Him to cry out like Ishmael cried out. There is a God!

Today you too can begin that journey into your Destiny, and God’s Purpose for your Life will begin to manifest – Amen.

Even even if you have lost your Destiny, God is able to restore it to you.

It doesn’t matter if you have lost your Destiny or your Destiny is delayed, when you come to Christ you will receive a New Beginning.

In Joel 2:25; God speaking says there: And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

“Has eaten” – Another Translation says I will replace – I will replace the years.

So it does not matter what time you have lost in Life, God is able to restore it back.


So tonight friends, God wants your Destiny to manifest.

But if you are here and you know and you know, you know that out of carelessness, out of events that have happened to you; that you have no control over your Life, you have lost your Destiny, your God-Given Plans, today is the Night of Restoration.

So if you’re such a fellow Please come quickly – Come quickly, if you want God to restore Destiny.

You know and you know that you have sinned, you have done wrong, you have live carelessly, you have live a Life that have displeased God and you want God to restore that Destiny.

All eyes closed.

All you need to do – Just raise your hand wherever you are, the Mercy of God will locate you.

I like to Pray with you, because tonight Destiny must manifest.

Hagar had no control over the Destiny that she had, but God intervened; for Ishmael, God intervened and made Him a Great Nation.

God is able to restore the Destiny back, it does not matter if the locusts had eaten it, God is able to replace it back, God is able to replace it back.

God is able to give you a Second Chance.

The Prodigal son said I will come to the father and said; father I have
sinned against God, I have seen against you. And when He did so, there was a Restoration of Destiny.

God restored him, gave him a Second Chance – Don’t lose your Second Chance. God wants to give it to you tonight, don’t lose it brother, and sister.


Brethren you say this Prayer after me – You ask the Almighty God to forgive you of anything that you have committed knowingly or unknowingly. Ask for forgiveness.

Begin to Pray, very quickly.

Ask the Almighty God for His Mercy.

Forgive me oh God, Daddy forgive me, forgive me.

In anyway through my carelessness oh God I have wronged you forgive me.

Daddy forgive me, forgive me, Daddy forgive me and restore my Destiny oh God.

Restore my Destiny of Greatness oh God in the Name of Jesus.

Thank you Father in Jesus Mighty Name name we Pray – Amen

Shall the rest of us stretch our hands to our beloved Brethrens here.

Father it is written that whosoever shall call upon the Name of Jesus shall be saved.

Lord your sons, your daughters have come right up to you now crying for forgiveness, Daddy forgive them.

Forgive them all their sins oh God in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

It is written that if we confess our sins, you are Faithful and Just to forgive and to cleanse us from every unrighteousness.

Lord I ask in the Name of Jesus that let the Cleansing Power in the Blood of Jesus cleanse every one of these Your Children now in the Name of Jesus.

Whatsoever Destiny that has been Lost, Destiny that has been Stolen, Destiny that has been Mutilated, in the Name that is above every other names, Daddy restore in the Name of Jesus.

Lord restore in the Name of Jesus!

Father restore in the Name of Jesus.

Any destiny that is Mutilated by the Power of Darkness, tonight in the Name of Jesus receive Restoration in the Name of Jesus .

Receive it now in the Name of Jesus.

Thank you Father!

Blessed be your Name, Jehovah God.

Thank you for the Testimony we shall receive oh God, in Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen!!!.

Now you will fill the paper, the card they will give to you.


The rest of us, can we stand and take this Prayers before I leave.

1. You will say oh God of Mercy, visit my Life with Mercy today in the Name of Jesus

Daddy visit my Life with your Mercy in the Name of Jesus.

Visit my Destiny with your Mercy in the Mighty Name of Jesus,

Visit my Life with your Mercy Father,

In Jesus Name we Pray – Amen.

2. The Bible says in the Book of Psalms 57:8 – It says awake up my Glory, awake Psaltery and Harp, I myself will awake early.

You will turn this to Prayer and say: My Father, my Father; awake my Glory, let your Plans over my Life, let it begin to manifest now in the Name of Jesus,

Let it begin to manifest now oh God,

Lord awake my Glory oh God,

Jehovah God, Lord awake the Glory of my families,

Oh God awake my Glory,

Awake the Glory of my Destiny oh God in the Name of Jesus,

Daddy awake it oh God, let the Plan you have for my lives begin to manifest oh God.

Let it begin to manifest in the Mighty Name of Jesus,

In Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen!

3. You will say, my Father my Father, beginning from now, let me walk into Glorious Destiny,

Let me walk into a Glorious Destination, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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