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Let Us Pray!


We bless You Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth
We bless You Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth
Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth
Heaven and Earth, Oh Heaven and Earth

We Love You Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth
We Love You Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth
Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth
Heaven and Earth, Oh Heaven and Earth


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Almighty God, the real Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending; we just want to say Thank You for January, Thank You for February, Thank You for March, Thank You for April, Thank You for May, Thank You for June, Thank You for July, Thank You for August, Thank You for September, Thank You for October, Thank You for November and Oh God, Thank You for December.

Thank You for all You have done for us since the beginning of the Year, Thank You for Your Mercies because we know that it is of Your Mercy that we have not been Consumed.

Thank You that by Your Special Grace, since You have brought us thus far, we know that whether the devil likes it or not, we will see the New Year (2024).

Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

My Lord and my Saviour, today I commit to You everybody because we all need Your Wisdom – Students need Your Wisdom, Traders need Your Wisdom, Business Men/Women, they need Your Wisdom, Pastors need Your Wisdom, Politicians need Your Wisdom.

I am saying Lord God Almighty, today as many of us Your Children, as many of us that are willing to do Your Will; You will grant us Divine Wisdom Generously so that Your Name will be Glorified in our lives.

My Father and my God; I’m committing to You, all Your Children who all these years has been Faithful in the Payment of their Tithes and in the Giving of their Offerings – In this Last Month of this Year, my Father and my God, I asked that You will embarrassed them with Your Blessings, that You will bless them so Mightily that they will say: God this is becoming “Too Much”. Father, so let it be in Jesus Name.

In Your Miraculous Way Lord, speak to everyone of us today and let our Joy forever remain Full.

Even as Your Children will be Thanking You today, my Father and my God; Please receive our Thanksgiving.

And Good Lord, Please do much more than we dare Hope for, for the rest of this Year.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!



By the time this Message is getting to you, I will already be in my Prayer Closet, Praying for the Special Holy Ghost Congress 2023.

As you know of course that this Year, the Theme of our Holy Ghost Congress 2023 is: “DIVINE REPOSITIONING”.

That the Almighty God has made up His Mind that He is going to Reposition those of us who will come and attend this Year’s Holy Ghost Congress:

I. He is going to move the Sick People out of the Camp of the Sick People to the Camp of those who are forever Healthy.

II. He is going to move the Poor out of the Club of the Poor into the Club of the Wealthy.

III. He is going to move the Captive out of the Camp of the Captive into the Camp of the Freedom.

He is going to do a lot in our lives!

This is one Congress; the kind that we have never seen before!

This is a Congress that will make Lekki ’98 a Sunday School Stuff.


NOTES: Lekki ’98 birth another dimension in the History of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and Ministry of Pastor E.A Adeboye. In 1998, while visiting the Lekki area of Lagos State of Nigeria with some foreigners, the Lord told him to hold a Service at the beach area and that became the historic Lekki ’98. The Theme of the event, which shook Lagos to her root was appropriately “Divine Visitation” where over three Million People was estimated to attend the Program and the entire Metropolitan State of Lagos State was virtually shut down. The Holy Ghost Congress as it was later named moved to the Redemption Camp the following year (1999).


This one – The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2023 is going to be a “Real Big One”.

And I’m looking forward to seeing you this week at The RCCG Campground for the Holy Ghost Congress 2023 in Jesus Mighty Name – Amen!

Today, we are discussing in the next few Minutes – “The Oil of Divine Wisdom”.

And our Bible Text is going to be Hebrews 1:9:

Hebrews 1:9 – Thou hast loved Righteousness, and hated Iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the Oil of Gladness above thy fellows

I’m sure that some of you will say: Hey hold on daddy; we thought that you said we want to talk on “Oil of Divine Wisdom” but that Passage you read is talking of Oil of Gladness.

You wait and see – As some Preachers will say: Just follow me as I’m going somewhere.

Wisdom is the Principal Thing – That is what the Bible says in Proverbs 4:7.

Wisdom is so Precious and Mightily Precious that Proverbs 8:11 says that there is Nothing you can compared to it.

As a matter of fact, Proverbs 19:8 says if you love your Soul, get Wisdom.

In other words, if you hate your Soul, then ignore Wisdom but if you love your Soul, you must get Wisdom – That is how crucial Wisdom is.


The Bible has a lot of beautiful things to say about Wisdom:

I. In Ecclesiastes 7:12; it says Wisdom is not only a defense, it says Wisdom gives Life – Wisdom is a Life Giver.

II. Ecclesiastes 9:16 says Wisdom is better than Strength.

The Elders has a saying: The one that says He is Strong but has no Wisdom, is worst than the Weakest.

III. Ecclesiastes 9:18 tells us that Wisdom is better than Weapon of Wars.

In other words, you can have all the Weapons in the world; if you have no Wisdom, you will still fail.

IV. And Ecclesiastes 10:10 says Wisdom is Profitable to direct – You need Wisdom for Direction.

You want to go in the right Direction in Life, you need Wisdom!

V. Proverbs 3:35 tells us that Wisdom leads to Glory; just as Foolishness will lead to Shame.

And I’m Praying for everyone of you – From today onwards, you will never know Shame again because the Almighty God will grant you Wisdom which will lead you to Glory – Amen!

VI. Proverbs 11:29 says: Wisdom puts you In-Charge

You say what do you mean by that?

Oh, the Bible says that the fool will be a Servant of the Wise.

In other words, if you are not Wise, you will end up becoming a Servant of the One who is Wise.

VII. It went forward to say in Proverbs 7:2; it says if a Servant is Wise; He will be a Ruler over sons.

In other words, if a Man has a lot of Wealth (Great Man); he has Servants and he has sons. If the sons are Foolish and the Servants Wise, the Servant will rule over the Foolish sons,

VIII. Wisdom is a Spirit.

The Bible says in Isaiah 11:2 – It calls Wisdom a Spirit.

And that is what brings you Promotion and puts you In-Charge.

For Example, consider the case of Joseph in Genesis 41: 1-44 – When Pharaoh has two (2) Dreams that Nobody could Interpret and they brought in Joseph.

He gave the Interpretations and the Solutions to the Problems.

Pharaoh said: We can’t find any better Man to be In-Charge than this Man who has the Spirit of God in him.

Now, Wisdom is a Gift from God – That is when we are talking of Divine Wisdom because there are all kinds of Wisdom.

– There is Wisdom of Man.

– There is Evil Wisdom (The Wisdom of the devil).

But I’m sure you know that is not the kind of Wisdom we are talking about – We are talking about the Wisdom that comes from God, the Wisdom that is Pure and Divine. It comes only from God.

Daniel 2:20 tells us that Real Wisdom belongs to God.

We are not talking about tricks, deceiving the People but we are talking of Grnuine Pure Wisdom that comes from God.

And it is God who gives Wisdom to the Wise.

So, when you see a Man who is “Truly Wise” and “Genuinely Wise”; you will know that He gets that Wisdom from God.

And when you read Ecclesiastes 2:26 – The Bible says that God gives Wisdom to those who are Good in His Sight.

He doesn’t give Wisdom to somebody who will use it in a wrong way.

Now, you now want to ask me – What is the Relationship between Wisdom and Gladness? What is the Relationship between Wisdom and Joy?

– When a Student Passes his exams, he rejoices.

– When a Trader succeeds in Trading, he/she rejoices.

– if a Politician wins an Election by using Wisdom, he/she rejoices.

There is a link between Wisdom and Gladness – Proverbs 10:1 says: A Wise son makes his father glad.

It means that a Foolish son makes his father sorrowful.

There is a link between Wisdom and Gladness, a link between Wisdom and Joy because Wisdom is a Spirit and one of the ways of representing the Holy Spirit, one of the Symbols of the Holy Spirit is the Oil.

You find out that Wisdom can flow just as the Oil can flow – It can flow from one Brethren to another.

Deuteronomy 34:9, the Bible says Joshua the son of Nun was filled with the Spirit of Wisdom.

Why? Moses had laid his hands on him.

… Wisdom can flow from one Man to another Man, just like an Oil.

And so I’m Praying for all of you who are my Children – In the Name that is above every other names, Part of the Wisdom that the Almighty God had given me will flow to you today in Jesus Name – Amen!

But you know what – The reason we are talking about Wisdom today, this Sunday in Particular, the Sunday that is the beginning of the Congress is that:

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– Wisdom can cause you to Catch Up with those who has gone before you.

– Wisdom can cause you who has been left behind by your Colleagues to Catch Up with them and even go before them.

1. When you read the Book of Daniel – Read the whole Chapter 1.

When Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego decided that they will do the Will of God and they will not allow themselves to be contaminated by anything.

The Bible says at the end of the day that they were ten (10) times Wiser than all the other Wise Men put together.

… They excelled the others.

2. When you come to Daniel Chapter 2.

When a King had a Dream, forgot the Dream and called all the Wise Men – Come and tell me my Dream and tell me the Interpretations thereof.

And Nobody could do that saying: Your Majesty, tell us the Dream and we will tell you the Interpretation.

He said that I have forgotten the Dream. If you say that you are Wise, let’s find out. You don’t tell me my Dreams and the Interpretations thereof, I will kill you all.

The Bible says when Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego said Please just give us time – There is a God in Heaven who can give Divine Wisdom.

They went, they Prayed, they sought the face of the Lord. He revealed not just the Interpretations but the Dream thereof.

At the end of the Day, what happened? Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were all Promoted.

… Wisdom brings Promotion.

And in the coming Year (2024); in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ; all of you my children you are going to be Promoted – Anen and your Promotion is going to be Accelerated – Amen!

Because God will give you the Wisdom that will lead you to Divine Repositioning and He will move you ahead – Amen!

3. By the time you get to Daniel 6: 1-3; you will discovered that in a Strange Land, in the Land where Daniel was a Slave; he had become one of the Top three (3) Men in the Kingdom. And the King was even thinking of making him the Number one (1) of all the three (3).

You know, when you have Divine Wisdom, the Sky is not even your Limit – Heaven is Your Limit.

If you have Divine Wisdom in your Place of work, you can end up becoming even the owner of the Business.

If you have Divine Wisdom, Nothing can stop your Promotion because your Wisdom will keep you Shinning Brighter and Brighter.

You know Somebody said – If you want to Succeed in Life, find a Problem that Nobody else can solve and then you go ahead and solve it.

Provide the Solution and then before you know it, you will find yourself on Top.

I mean consider the Man who invented some Computer Programming Softwares, Bill Gates (NOTES: Technically, Bill Gates didn’t invent anything genuinely New. Instead, he and Paul Allen created two High-Quality Products that Computer Companies could use: The BASIC Programming Language for the Altair 8800 and the MS-DOS Operating System for the IBM PC. It was actually one Charles Babbage, an English Mechanical Engineer and Polymath, who originated the concept of a Programmable Computer. Considered as the “father of the Computer”, he Conceptualized and Invented the first Mechanical Computer in the early 19th Century.)

He (Bill Gates) discovered something – He got a Divine Breakthrough through the Divine Wisdom of God and he became one of the richest Men in the whole world.

You know that there are several things waiting yet to be discovered – Things that can transformed the whole world.

And God is looking for Someone to get yet another Breakthrough – And I’m believing God that He will find that Someone among my children (Amen).

Now to the Oil:

The Oil of Divine Wisdom is Inexhaustible – You can have as much of it as you want.

Remember what David said in Psalms 23:5 – Thou has Anointed my head with Oil and my cup runs over.

And as I have told you before; I have once asked God: When the cup was full, why didn’t you stop? Why the wastage?

And He said: Just to let this boy knows that there is a lot more where this Oil is coming from.

You know, there is enough Oil in the Hand of the Almighty God that all of us could have an Overflowing of Oil; Particularly the Oil of Divine Wisdom!

… The Choice is yours!

And you know that when you are operating in Divine Wisdom as the Bible says, God can even cause you to surprise your Professors.

The Almighty God can make you so smart that even as a Student that your Professors will wonder – How can this be?

I have told you this Story before – That while I was doing my Research at the University of Lagos (Unilag); my Supervisor travelled. And before going, he gave me an Assignment.

By the time he came back and he saw how much I have done, he looked at me and said: Enoch, I said Yes sir. He said that I know that you are a Christian and I said Yes sir and so you won’t lie – He said, who helped you? Because what I am seeing is not your work.

I said it is true sir! And he said who helped you?

I said “Professor Emmanuel” because my Professor is an Hindu – He didn’t believed in Jesus Christ though he knows that if you are a Christian, you won’t lie.

DMC NOTES: A Hindu is a Person who believes in the Religion called Hinduism. Hinduism is an Indian Religion or dharma, a Religious and Universal Order or way of Life by which followers abide. As a Religion, it is the world’s third-largest, with approximately 1.2 Billion Followers, or 15% of the Global Population, known as Hindus.

He said I thought so. Because I know if I said Jesus, he won’t take me serious and so I say Professor Emmanuel.

But I got into trouble when he said, of which Department.

There is a Professor that belongs to all Departments, there is a God that knows everything – He knows all Subjects!

The Best of all Professors will Probably be a Professor in one Particular area of a Subject.

I have told you that when Somebody told you that He has PhD in Mathematics, don’t be deceived, it doesn’t mean that he knows all Mathematics.

If he is among his Colleagues, they will ask him:

What aspect of Mathematics, and he says; Oh Applied Mathematics.

They will say, what aspect of Applied Mathematics and he says Hydrodynamics.

And they say I see, what Part of Hydrodynamics and he says 3-Dimensional Motion.

And they say I see, what aspect of 3-Dimensional Motion, and he says Navier-Stokes Equation.

By the time they pin him down, you will noticed that all he got his PhD upon is just a very small fraction of the Subject.

And yet, there is a God who knows all Subjects.

Make Him your God today, let Him become your Partner, let Him Pour the Oil of Divine Wisdom on you and you will excel in everything that you do.

The same thing goes for Traders, Business Men/Women – Cry to God today that He will Pour the Oil of Divine Wisdom upon you.

And you know what?

Even before the end of Next Year (2024); you yourself will look back and you won’t believed how far God had Repositiined you – Amen!

But don’t forget the Condition – You have to hate Iniquities and you have to Love Righteousness in order to be able to receive the Oil of Gladness above your Fellow.

You see because Wisdom is not just getting Knowledge, it is the Correct Application of Knowledge!

Everybody knows that it is written, and even Jesus Christ said: If you ask anything in my Name, I will do it for you – That’s Knowledge.

But Wisdom says: Is there any Condition attached to this?

And the Condition is there clearly in John 15:16 – It says that you have not Chosen me but I have Chosen you. I have Ordained you that you will go and bear Fruits and make sure that your Fruits abide. Then whatever you asked the Father in my Name will be done unto you.

God is ready to answer any kind of Prayer you want to Pray if you are a Soul Winner, and if you will do His Will, He will do yours as well.

So, I’m calling on those of you who are listening to me today or reading now on the Label of DMC – And you want the Oil of Gladness, you want the Oil of Divine Wisdom to Overflow in your Life. First make sure that from now onwards, you will do His Will all the days of your Life and make sure that from now on, you will be a Soul Winner.

Ask yourself a Question – I Claim to be a Christian and for a whole year, I have not won a Single Soul. What kind of Christian am I?

Change your Mind today – Become an Incurable Soul Winner and I can assure you that the Oil of Gladness will begin to flow in your Life like never before. And then anything you ask, God will give you.


As for those of you who has not been Born Again, remember what the Bible says – It says: God gives Wisdom to those who are Good in His Sight.

He is not going to give Wisdom to the Wicked and a Sinner.

The Bible says that God is angry with the Wicked everyday.

If you are a Sinner, you are Subject of His Anger and not of His Benevolence.

So, if you will Surrender your Life to Jesus Christ today, things will Change – You will qualify for Divine Wisdom and you will soon be excelling.

So, if you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ, Please come now – Come and Surrender your Life to Him.

And as you are coming, Pray that the Almighty God will be Merciful unto you, that He will save your Soul, that He will Cleanse you in His Blood and that He will give you the Oil of Divine Wisdom Generously.

Let Us Pray!


My Father and my God, I’m Thanking You for all those who are coming forward now to Surrender their lives to You.

Please receive them, have Mercy on them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash them Clean and Please let them become Members of the Family of God.

And from now on, let them begin to enjoy your Favour.

Please Lord, everyone of them and the rest of us:

– Who will do Your Will from now on.

– Who will Please You from now on.

– Who will love Righteousness and hate Iniquities.

Please anoint us Generously with the Oil of Gladness and with the Oil of Wisdom above all our fellows so that even in the coming Year (2024); we will excel like we have never done before.

Thank You my Father and my God. Glory be to Your Holy Name.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

God Bless You all!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.



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