Ray Stedman – Daily Devotional – May 10th, 2018-No Gray Areas

Topic:No Gray Areas
A daily devotion for May 10th

Read the Scripture: 1 John 2:20-21

…no lie comes from the truth. (1 John 2:21b)

Easter Saturday Sermon Ray Stedman 2018

Have you learned yet that no lie is of the truth, that there is no possible harmony between a lie and the truth? In other words, that there are no gray areas in life; that a thing is either black (a lie) or it is white (the truth), and there are no gray areas, though there may be a mingling of black with white. Every Christian has an ability to exercise moral judgment to distinguish right from wrong. It is amazing how many Christians have not learned this yet and still go on echoing the lie of the world, that there can be a blending of truth and error. John utterly cuts the ground out from under that. I wrote to you, he says, because you have found this out, if you know Jesus Christ. You may not have thought through the implications, but you must know that there is no possibility of blending a lie with the truth.

Life Application: Excuses we make can merely echo the lies of the world. Have we found the absolute truth as it is in Christ or do our excuses reveal gray areas where none should exist?

We hope you were blessed by this daily devotion.

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