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David, John the Baptist and Peter, along with many other Biblical heroes, struggled with various doubts about God and His ability or desire to help. God does not mind doubt as long as you are seeking answers from Him in the midst of it.


Doubt can become sin if it leads you away from God to scepticism, to cynicism, then to hard-heartedness. As you move closer to God, you will find the strength to trust Him and your faith will grow even stronger.

I mean, the closer you are to God, the more you receive Heavenly resources and the stronger your faith grows. One of satan’s tactics is to get you to doubt God’s goodness. He tries to get you to forget all God has given you and to focus on what you do not have.

If you are spending much of your time thinking about what you do not have, you may be slipping into unhealthy doubt. God has given everyone plenty of evidence to believe in Him.

Doubt comes when you fail to stop long enough to observe all the evidence. Once in a while, you should create time to reflect over God’s track record in your life. As you recall God’s track record, you will grow confident that He will work in your present situation as well.

Goodmorning children of the living God, Emmanuel, after the showers of rain in Zambia l was not even doing a business l started a business its going well more customers like l didn’t started on 3 marh on Tuesday and we as a family have a peace of mind. It’s a restaurant more love from my husband my home is restored amen
Hlayisani Mthombeni

Jesus said you see Him you see the Father,I pray for life to see Jesus in me as I personally see Jesus Christ,Our Lord in Prophet Joshua,It’s a previlage to have been born in your time,You are a blessing to the Kingdom of God,Your are a truly a blessing to us,Glory to the Most High God

Victoria Mwanandiwa



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Amen, He is a faithful God and I know he will come through even for my present situation because He always comes through. Even when all hope is lost,God is still Worthy trusting because his greatness is so unlimited,He is beyond our capacity..His wisdom is beyond us. May he locate us in his Mercy once more in every situation. In Jesus Name 🙏

Sindy Mase

Acknowledge God for what He has done for us is the greatest testimony to crush down the doubt. Most of the time we forget where we come from with God. God is faithful about reminding us His faithfulness everytime we pull out of track on the journey of salvation. We seem to forget His track records when we enter a new season of challenges. Thank you God to send your servant, Prophet TB Joshua to refresh our minds and strengthen our faith not to doubt our God. Please Father I pray to keep this faithful servant who don’t compromise the Word, the Truth and Light of God to us.

Mandisa Sinuka

Sometimes we think our achievements on life are through our efforts,brains and wisdom forgetting that God gave all those through His Blessings and Love.Appeal to God to strengthen my love,care for vulnerable members so that I can come close to you and understand your Word.

Bernard Awono

I have stopped and looked at God’s track record in my life and I am so ashamed of myself for forgetting so soon all what He has done and is still doing for me. Lord Jesus plse forgive me and thanks for reminding me of your faithfulness in my life. I celebrate you for you really are God

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