LIFE PRINCIPLE 3 – A Guidebook for Life’s Journey By Charles F. Stanley


Topic: A Guidebook for Life’s

The more time you spend in
Scripture, the stronger your bond
with God grows.

God knows when you need encouragement,
guidance, and hope. After all, He created you and
understands your inner workings better than you do. What’s more, He is able to meet your every need.

That’s why He provides promises in His Word so you
can understand His nature and trust Him. The more
time you spend in Scripture—reading about people
who claimed His promises, as well as those who
rejected them—the stronger your bond with Him

In emotionally devastating times, that bond may
prove to be a lifeline and essential to your spiritual welfare. God’s Word is therefore a compass, a guide, and an instruction book to life. Just as you use instruction manuals at work or in the kitchen, you can use God’s Word as your resource for wisdom and truth.

No one would think of baking a cake
without a recipe, nor would a mechanic rebuild a car engine without a manual. Likewise, you shouldn’t attempt to tackle the complexities of life without instructions from the One who makes each day possible.

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Don’t tackle life without
instructions from the One who
makes each day possible.

As with most things, preparation is the key to
success. A wise strategy is to familiarize yourself with God’s Word before an emergency arises.

Spend as much time as possible acquainting yourself with its stories, its promises, and its wisdom. The more time you spend in study, the better prepared you’ll be to apply the wisdom of Scripture when you need it

Oh, how I love Your law! It is my
meditation all the day (Psalm


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