Joyce meyer’daily sermon for today: No Excuses, Just Results


Topic: No Excuses, Just Results

At the gym where I exercise they sellshirts that say “No Excuses, Just Results.” Any time I even start to murmur, my
coach says, “No excuses, just results.”

joyce meyer ministries
joyce meyer ministries

They know how apt people are to make excuses of all kinds for not being at the
gym regularly. Some of the exercises are very hard, and it is tempting to make excuses not to do them.

Our flesh has an aversion to thinking that there is no excuse for not meeting our responsibility, but if we truly want
to succeed in life, we must learn to believe that and practice it.

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If we make excuses and blame others for our mistakes, we give up our power to change. Truth is a powerful weapon, and
when faced squarely, it will help you become the person you say you want to be.


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