Joyce meyer’daily sermon for today: Is God in a Hurry?


Topic:Is God in a Hurry?

My experience is that God is not in a hurry. He seems to take His time about everything. He is not late, but He usually isn’t early, and He expects us to be patient while we wait. Right now I am looking through a large glass door at trees, grass,
flowers, and white birds that fly through the area occasionally.

joyce meyer ministries
joyce meyer ministries

As I look, I realize that nature is not in a hurry, yet everything is accomplished that needs to be done.
People who enjoy being outside say they like nature because it is peaceful. I like it because it reminds me of God and His creation. I love the peace it brings.

A leisurely walk through nature is helpful to our soul as well as our body. But how often do we take the time to do it? Some people walk or run for exercise, and they may enjoy the benefit they get from it, but that is quite different from walking just to enjoy God’s creation and the peace it brings.

Make a decision not to hurry past God’s creation and never take time to notice, enjoy, and appreciate it.

For the past several years I have made an effort to learn how to enjoy everything that I do, and in order to do that I have
to keep reminding myself to slow down. I might be referred to as a quick person. I make quick decisions, I move from one
thing to another quickly, and occasionally I am moving so fast that I don’t remember what I did.

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My daughter teasingly has asked me to wait until she parks the car to take off my seat belt and open the door to get out. If we are shopping together I can be in the store while she is still getting out of the car. If I don’t keep reminding myself to slow down, I find my mind is usually one step ahead of where I am.

Dave rarely hurries, my son-in-law rarely hurries, and I do know a few other people like them, but most people are in a
hurry, and sadly they are not even sure where they are headed in life. If you and I want to break the hurry habit, we will have
to make changes in our lifestyle and mind-set.

Good habits drive out bad ones; therefore, focus on staying peaceful and patient and hurry will eventually be a thing of the past.


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