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Joseph Prince Daily Devotional January 13, 2023 Your True Identity in Christ

Your True Identity in Christ

“He shall say, ‘Surely in the LORD I have righteousness and strength.’”

Isaiah 45:24

I want to share with you this moving praise report from Melissa, a lady from Texas. I believe that you will be greatly blessed and inspired by the journey that she has taken to discover her true identity in Christ.

Joseph Prince Daily Devotional January 13, 2023 Your True Identity in Christ

From a young age, her mother told her she was a nobody like her father and would amount to nothing. She always felt worthless and even more so when she was molested as a child. Without having the love of her father, she desperately sought love in many relationships and partners, which led to a destructive lifestyle of sin, and feelings of deep unhappiness, confusion, and constant emptiness. Here’s what she said:

I didn’t think of going to God and church because people I knew told me, “You’re going to go to hell because of your choices and how you’re living. God’s angry with you. He’s disgusted with you.” This was what I believed about God, and thought there was no way I could come to Him.

Thankfully, I came across your television program when I was channel surfing. You were talking about the finished work of Jesus at the cross, and how much He loves me just as I am. I found that I couldn’t stop listening to the sermon. It was the start of my discovering how God gave His best—His Son, Jesus—for me, so that I could have a relationship with Him as my Daddy God and come into His presence without fear or shame.

At the end of the sermon, you invited us to pray and ask God into our lives if we’d never done it before. I prayed that prayer, and as I was praying, I felt Jesus’ love just overwhelm me, and all the bitterness, confusion, unhappiness, and pain in my life just melted, as you like to say, “like butter.” The dull ache, the frustration, and the gnawing emptiness all just left, and for the first time, a joy I couldn’t explain came in.

Joseph Prince Daily Devotional January 13, 2023 Your True Identity in Christ

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Since that time, so many amazing things and blessings have happened. Through experiencing Jesus’ love for me, I’ve been able to forgive my mother, and I’ve come to genuinely love her. I’ve also been able to forgive other family members who had told me I was worthless.

Everything is so different now. I know that Jesus loves me and that He has great plans for me. I see His favor in my life. When I get a little frightened about things or situations in my life, I remember to cast all my cares to God. Even when I make a wrong turn, He always finds a way to bring me back. Whenever I’m in a negative situation, Jesus tells me the outcome is going to be good because He’s there and He’s working on it.

I’ve learned to say, “I’m a new creation. I’m the righteousness of God in Christ. It’s not about what I’ve done but what Jesus has done.” Amazingly, the temptations that held me in the past have all lost their hold. It feels like I’d never lived a destructive lifestyle.

Today, my life testifies that Daddy God loves and saves. More importantly, the change has been effortless—it’s all by the grace of Jesus. It’s had nothing to do with my willpower but the divine power of Christ at work in me. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for unveiling Jesus’ beauty and love for me. I feel so loved by Him and I’m so grateful for His finished work at the cross!

My friend, the lies Melissa believed are the lies that the enemy wants you to believe. When you believe that you are truly a worthless nobody, you will start behaving as if you are a valueless and worthless nobody. That is the negative power of wrong believing.

I have a word in season for you, and I want to challenge you to cultivate a robust revelation of your righteous identity in Christ by repeatedly confessing your righteousness in Christ.

Throughout the day, whether you are driving to work, shopping for groceries, or preparing a meal for your family, just say quietly under your breath, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ. All the promises, blessings, and protection that belong to the righteous are mine” (Prov. 10:6). This is the key for you to experience lasting breakthroughs in your life! Joseph Prince Daily Devotional January 13, 2023 Your True Identity in Christ

This devotional is taken from the book Glorious Grace—100 Daily Readings from Grace Revolution.

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