Joel Osteen Devotional – July 14 2018 Be Delighted


Joel osteen devotional

Joel Osteen Devotional – July 14 2018 Be Delighted

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Joel osteen devotional

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalm 37:4, ESV

Joel Osteen devotional

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TODAY’S WORD: Joel Osteen devotional

Have you ever noticed that people will go to great lengths to do things that make them happy? They will work hard towards their goals or achieving a desired result. The delight themselves in their accomplishments. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your work but God wants us to delight ourselves in Him. He wants us to find joy in serving Him.

That word “delight” actually means “to make soft and pliable.” It gives the picture of clay in the hands of the Potter. God wants us to be flexible with Him and allow Him to mold us and make us into His image. That’s when He can use You and that’s when He will give you the desires of your heart!

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Joel Osteen devotional

Father, thank You for your many promises and blessings. I yield myself to You, I delight myself in You and thank You for giving me the desires of my heart. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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