Dr Charles f. Stanley’s sermons for today : God is serious about His relationship with you

God is serious about His relationship with you.

In touh sermons with Dr Charles Stanley

God is serious about His relationship with you. He speaks for your benefit, so it is important for you to not only listen to Him, but also respond in obedience.
Sometimes He will challenge you to change your thinking or release certain unhealthy feelings and opinions.

Sometimes He will command you to change aspects of your behavior. Yet with every instruction He gives, you can be certain that it is always intended
for your good.
As a believer in Christ, you have an enemy who is intent on filling the airwaves with lies and miscommunication. He will try to get you to doubt God’s instructions—and even that God is speaking to you in the first place!

The good news is that you have the strong, active, and constant support of Jesus as your defender against Satan’s lies. He is
praying continually that you will be strengthened and kept safe from the enemy of your soul (see John 17:14–17).

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