Dr Charles F. Stanley daily sermon :Have a battle plan for when people attack you.

Topic: Have a battle plan for when people attack you.

When people attack you, don’t react to them out of fear and rage. Be like David and have a battle plan.

Your combat strategy must begin and end with getting on your knees and acknowledging that God is in control of your situation. He will handle everything
for you if you will humble yourself and obey Him.

However, you must stop being distracted by your own feelings and the details of your circumstances.

Put your focus on Him and what He can teach you. Whenever you surrender yourself completely to God and trust Him with your struggles, you will find He is
faithful to lead you to victory.

How will you live out Life Principle 8 this week?
Spend some time evaluating your relationships with the most difficult people in your life. How did your enemies become your enemies? What incidents, encounters, and confrontations fueled your animosity?

What strategies for dealing with those
people have failed in the past? Take these people to God in prayer and ask for His strategy on how to deal with the situation.

Reach out to those you need to forgive and seek forgiveness for any wrong you’ve done that the Lord reveals to you.

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