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Devotional by Ray Stedman – Bring Christ to work – A daily devotion for March 27

Topic:Bring Christ to work

Not serving the eye, as those who want to please men, but as servants of Christ, from the heart doing the will of God.
Ephesians 6: 6

Ray Stedman devotion
Ray Stedman

On several occasions this idea is expressed, that of never doing things out of love for men, you Christians, but only for God. You can work under the direction of a person, but do not forget that you are doing things for the Lord, that your daily work is the work He has given you to do and, therefore, you must do it for Him. What a wonderful glory it has to do with everything we do! If you focus your work in this way, you will never have a single boring day. You will not feel terribly bored with the routine and the monotony of what you have to do if you acknowledge that you are doing it considering that the Lord is seeing you and that one day it will be clearly visible to everyone if you did it. as for the Lord or as for men.

The first signal is what we could express as the service in sight, which means to do the work only when the boss is seeing us and, when he is not present to observe us, we stop working. A few years ago I read a story about a foreman and some workers who worked under him. He discovered that his workers were afflicted with this disease of doing work as a service to those who were watching them, that is, they only worked when someone was watching them. But this particular foreman was the proud possessor of a glass eye and discovered that he could take his eye out of his socket, placing it on a stump where he could “observe” the men, so that they would continue to do their work, whether he He was present as if he was not. But one day he came back and found them all doing nothing. He had placed his eye on a stump, but one of the men had found a way to sneak around, placing himself behind the eye, covering it with his hat so that he could no longer “see” them. This is an attitude that is widespread today in our society, the idea of ​​working only when the boss is watching. If you are a Christian, this is forbidden if you want to be faithful to our Lord. Remember that the eye that is watching you is not a human eye.

The second sign of failure in this sense is the one that has to do with pleasing men . Notice how the apostle clearly describes the attitudes he encountered so frequently in this relationship of labor with capital. What is done to please men? It is praising the boss in a false way, giving him a kick or following the policy of the office. This reveals a double heart and the lack of a single eye. That is, it reveals that we try to get along by making other people feel happy, but ignoring what God thinks, which are signs of failure.



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Christians have been called to move away from these things. We should not participate in this kind of activities if we want to be faithful to the Lord, since we do not achieve anything if we do it. Although it may give the impression that we are going to achieve something, in the end it is not like that. Christians are saved from all this if we remember that what we do is the will of God. Paul says that we should obey our earthly leaders with a singularity of heart: “from the heart doing the will of God.” What is God’s will? His work! The work you are doing, with your co-workers, under the current circumstances and conditions in which you have to do your job, which is what God has chosen for you; that is the will of God.

Father, I live before You. There is no aspect of my life that is not under Your sight and Your judgment. Grant me that I can correct what is wrong in my own work in light of this word.

Application to life
Our ethics in the workplace are worthy of praise when we appropriate the power of His presence. Do we have a tendency to make enormous efforts in life and work to please others, but we ignore Him?

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