DCLM Daily Manna 14 February 2019 – Strive Not With Him

Topic: Strive Not With Him
[DCLM Daily Manna 14 February 2019 Daily Devotional by Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi]
Text: Exodus 7:14-25 (KJV)

Key Verse: “And thou shalt say unto him, The LORD God of the Hebrews hath sent me unto thee, saying, Let my people go, that they may serve me in the wilderness: and behold, hitherto thou wouldest not hear” (Exodus 7:16).


There is a popular saying amongst countryfolk that anyone killed by a moving train is incurably blind and deaf. This is because the train by its sheer size and noise, announces itself while still afar off, its horn reverberating through the villages and farmlands. Those who farm near or close to the rail line take extra caution as they watch the train rumble ferociously along its track.

After Aaron’s staff swallowed up all the rods of the magicians, they simply walked away from the scene without their sticks, thus affirming that a true supernatural work had taken place. Their leader should have been wise to understand the futility of the task he had embarked upon.

The warning from God was clear. God multiplied His signs and wonders in the land of Egypt so that the Egyptians might know He is the Lord and that there is no other God beside Him. Other gods might have some power to perform magic; but true and ultimate power belongs to the almighty God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

Perhaps, you have a fringe relationship with God in which you are yet to partake of His supernatural manifestations. Or perhaps, you are like Pharaoh who was cynical about God. Why not opt for a much closer walk with Him today; have abiding faith in Him and trust Him to the uttermost. It will not be too long before you start reaping the undying rewards.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Stand on Christ, the Solid Rock for all other gods are man’s works.


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