DAY 13, July 2018 21 Days RCCG Fasting And Prayer Guide.

DAY 13, July 2018 21 Days RCCG Fasting And Prayer Guide.

Day 13 Prayer Of Victory Over Barrenness.

Text: Exodus 23:26

  • Father, when you created us, you commanded fruitfulness, begin to fulfill your word in our life in Jesus Name.
  •  Father!!!, let every seed of fruitfulness that you planted in our life begin to germinate in Jesus name.
  •  Father!!! Destroy every form of barrenness from our lives in Jesus Name.
    Father!!! You put a smile on the face of Sarah, in all homes globally, visit your people with laughter this year in Jesus Name.
  • Father!!! Whatever power that has placed an embargo on our being fruitful, today by your authority render them powerless.
  • Father!!! we reject all negative medical reports concerning fruitfulness In Jesus name.
    Father!!! You said no one will be barren in your house, by your power break every yoke of bareness in Jesus name.
  •  Father!!! In all aspects of our life, open our wombs and make us fruitful in Jesus Name.

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