Daily sermon from Joel osteen : Success in Christian living is rooted in love

Topic :Success in Christian living is rooted in love.

First of all, you have to get full of love. Allow the love of God to be shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit every

Walk in love, be guided by it, and follow it.
Success in Christian living is rooted in love. The fruit of the Spirit is, first of all, love (Galatians 5:22). When you feel the
glorious love of God, you are feeling the Holy Spirit.

As you follow that love, you and the Lord will be working together. Get rid of any bitterness that may be in your heart. Avoid strife and bitterness. Never allow any filthy talk to come from your lips. Stay right with God and live peaceably with others. When someone wrongs you, forgive himinstantly, as you will not harbor any grudge.

Rid your heart of anything that would
be displeasing to the Lord and stay humble before Him. With pure motives of heart, you can stay full of compassion as you let God fill your heart every day with His
divine love.

Then, when you are least expecting it, someone will enter your mind and you will feel impressed to call themor go see
them. Or it may be that you will just be sitting next to themin a church service.

This has happened to me. I have sometimes been sitting in an audience when, suddenly as I looked at
individuals, God’s love flowed out of me toward them.
Let me say it again. God is love! When you feel this divine flow of love, you are feeling God! Be guided by this divine
love! Follow it! It will lead you to the person God wants you to help. When you get there, God will be there waiting to confirm
His Word and bring deliverance.
From this day forth, life will be the most exciting for you!
You will enjoy the new adventures awaiting you as you follow the divine flow of love!

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