Daily Devotions In Touch April 6th : Shortcutting God’s Will

Daily Devotions In Touch April 6th

TOPIC – Shortcutting God’s Will by Charles Stanley In Touch Minstries

Psalm 37:1-9

In sports, construction, and travel, precision timing is essential. Rushing ahead of the plan could result in lost opportunities, future problems, or disaster. God’s plan for our life also contains time-sensitive elements. He orchestrates events to accomplish His will, bring Himself glory, and benefit us. This is why cooperation with His timing is so crucial. Instead of learning this lesson the hard way, consider what happened in the following situations from

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Scripture: Daily Devotions In Touch April 6th

There are no shortcuts to God’s will, and His path for us may not be easy. To cooperate with Him, we must die to self, relinquish our own desires and plans in order to pursue His, and understand that we are His servants.

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Bible in One Year: 2 Samuel 7-9

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