Daily Charles F. Stanley sermon : Faith is acknowledging God has already won the victory


Topic :Faith is acknowledging God has
already won the victory


Faith is saying to God, “I believe You will.” Faith views your battle to overcome the enemy as being already done with God gaining the victory. When David said, “I trust in You” in Psalm 25:2, he meant,

“It is done. Lord, You are perfect in nature. You do all things well. And You have victory over all my enemies.” He had absolute faith in God’s ability.

There was no hint David merely hoped God would come through because he knew it was as good as done.

You grow in faith by exercising it—by trusting God in situation after situation, circumstance after circumstance, and relationship after relationship. You
grow in faith by developing a personal history in which you obey God, and He remains faithful in His loving care for you. But you can only remain firm in your faith if you completely submit to God—in all
areas of your life.

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When you refuse to submit to the
Lord, you are saying, “I can handle this. I don’t need Your help.” That’s precisely what Satan wants you to do: trust your ability and not in the all-powerful God.

It is also the place where he will level his greatest attack against you!


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