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Winners Church 21 Day Fast 2022 Full Sermons and Midweek Service

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Midweek service Winners Church David Oyedepo Jr

The prophetic focus for January: Gods plan for me is in His book

Understanding the power of visions

God has a plan for your life and my life. Your future is not in your plan but his plan Romans 8:29 every child of God has a glorious destiny but the journey begins with discovery. Jeremiah 33:3 come unto me I show u great and mighty things. This tells us God has plans for us that we know not. I pray the Lord shall reveal it to you in Jesus
Gods plan is unveiled not only through the word but also through vision Psalms 119:105. Habakkuk 2:1 I will stand upon my watch … He say write the visions…

Winners fast 2022 ful sermons
Winners fast 2022 ful sermons

What is the difference between vision and revelation

When you access Gods plan through the word is called revelation Hebrew 10:7 the eyes of our understanding suddenly opens. Luke 4:17 what was written there was written for him.
Bit when you have a raw encounter with God is called vision. We begin with moses Exodus 3:7 it was a raw visitation that prepare mosses for his mission.
Paul: Acts 9:42 when it is a raw visitation is vision.
Its vital and important to understand ones location, timing, etc that require answers we need a vision were God will answer us.
Why do we need vision?
1. No one knows tomorrow like God who created tomorrow Isaiah 46:9 tomorrow is already a past tense to God. You need to gain access to God who knows tomorrow. He already declared what will be tomorrow. Psalms 31:15, Isaiah 25:1 God created not just things but even times. So we need vision from the who who has seen it to the end. If you want today secured then go to the whole who has finished tomorrow.
2. When man plan he project’s but when God declares is because he has seen it. 1 Corinthians 2:9 the future is already finished he has prepared future ahead for us so we go to God in prayer Romans 8:21 everything you are ordained to manifest the future is already prepared all you need is access to unveiled what which is prepared.
Jeremiah 1:5 Take not he said ‘I Knew’ before your conception there was already and available plan.
Galatians 1:15
How do we access Gods vision?
1. You must desire access to vision proverbs 18:1 , 2 chronicles 15:15 if you want access to the secret of God then you must have a desire. A genuine desire to Gods plan your future is not in your plan but his plan. The potency of your desire determine the access you get. Revelation 1:10
2. Engage the alter of prayer to gain Access Habakkuk 2:1 I will stand upon my watch… Only those who made demand are eligible for access Jeremiah 33:3 matter 7:8 ask and you shall receive
Biblical proves of true vision
1. Every true vision drives the visionary Jeremiah 20:9 they are naturally driving by the visionary. Mark 1:2 the spirit begin to drive the individuals. You don’t get the vision and sit down it drives u
2. Every true vision alleviate fear Exodus 4:23 they were looking for Mosses he was on the wanted list but the vision and message gave him he went with zeal.
3. Every true vision carries no fear. Philippians 1:21 unusual confidence. Acts 20:24 there is a vision so nothing was able to intimidate him. When a man receive vision he lacks up immediately.
Conclusion: God is calling us unto a life of divine vision. My prayer is God gives you a divine vision in Jesus name.

Day 1 Winners 21 Days Prayers and fasting 10:01:2022

God only advances those who genuinely advance his kingdom. Advancing the kingdom advances our lives. Is God who put up one and drops another. Who will God advance? Is those who are dedicated to see the growth of his church Jeremiah 30:20 at you work place they check your record before they promote you, and you can’t say why since you are not the employer. God has ordained us to go forth and bring forth fruit, is not the doctrine of your papa is the instructions of Gid. Coming to church does not make you move forwards but those who are committed on a personal note without being pressurized
My secrete is am committed to God, I have given God my life why join in prayer and fasting ?
To advance the kingdom of God and move forward Get committed to advancing the kingdom of God and he will advance your life. You are a light in the church, 1976 I committed myself to advancing the kingdom I have never beg or borrowed.
Prayer and fasting for kingdoms advancement is not a punishment Isaiah 66:7 this church was born out of long range fasting , it has been kept by keeping the demands of fast in. So when you step unto realms of a outbreak out light, Satan has no where to hide
Satan can’t stop the Church from advancing, remember some forces can’t go but by prayer and fasting we are engaging the outmost force by prayer and fasting. Jesus grew this journey demand consistency with Patience Philippians 2:10 consistency is what will count. Don’t stop after this 21 days. By this Communion receive strength for consistency for the way forward at the end it shall speak. No one jumps the queue Gods is no respected of person, if you leave school at 200 level if you come back you have to resumed 200 level or even go back to write jamb. Looking up to Jesus who began his journey as a baby in the manger.
Nobody proper under any prophetic covering st you don’t believe in 2 Chronicle’s 20 believe his prophet and ye may prosper. If this ministry is not meeting tour spiritual need you are fee to relocate don’t waste just attending. There are things God reveal to his prophets. Jesus stayed under authority until he stayed above above authority

Midweek 12-01-2022 winners Church

Remember the prophetic theme Gods plan for me is in His book. Isaiah 29:11 and the book was delivered unto him, nothing is more refreshing than being led by the Lord. He delivered us from all the struggles of life. Cannan land was once a no go area a forest of demons But God gave us. When God leads you the things you struggle with won’t have power on you
God said Abraham come get out of this country. There a lot of people at just formulated God said’ all the children God gave us we said Jesus what shall there names be called ? Don’t just call there na!as random Jack stone etc no God gave Abraham his name
When we access Gods plan through the word is revelation rehmah when we encountered not direct with God through visions
Raw encounter is w delivered instant. He appear to David he did not pray for it, he appeared to Moses instant moses did not pray for it. God appears to people as his own instant and as his will.
How to be a disciple to access Gods divine secrete
1. Meekness Psalms 25:9 how can God attend to you when you are not willing to be led? Rev 1: 10 this Lagos vision can when I was in the bedroom not praying God said arise go down to Logos. Then Kaduna was so much favor but tiu cannot see what God has aghead if you look at youy current glory. There is nothing magical about this thing. As I hear John 5:30 the secret is by an ear that hears When you hear the voice of God you will know, if you hear the voice of your earthly father you know. I head Ghod when he said to me Go forwards’ ‘My son David I am pleased with you’
Lord help me to not only hear your voice but to know its you. You will know his voice so much that you quickly know the voice of the stranger
Matthew 21:41 seat up and face your matter concerning any ministry keep your mouth shut keep your thought shut. Never talk against any ministry is a risk. Face your God and your matter. I case you are part of people speaking against any Church repent. I shall remain a peace maker till I die. No one will miss his test in Jesus name.
We must be men and women of the spirit, If I had waited until I get to the prayer alter before I slow him speak he would have passed and maybe given it to somome else be sensitive. The Communion tonight is served for the opening of your spiritual ears.
2. On the prayer alter Habakkuk 2:2 call upon me I will answer you we encountered visions through question asking. Which way Lord? Genuine questions always attract answers from God. That God keep silent does not mean he said Go. Only genuine question fly with God, not tempting question or I know IIT already question. Jesus spoke to me this is the place. God will show you step by steps how to go.
The word of God is the lifewire of noiseless breakthroughs Faith Oyedepo day 4 Fasting
This kind of noiseless breakthroughs is a reality, however it does not come by wishing but by engaging effectively fervently in active prayer for example Acra 6:4 fervent players. We would give ourselves continues and in the Word. The number of disciples multiplied greatly. It has always been the pattern in scripture Jesus the same yesterday today and forever. Winners Church is an example of noiseless Breakthroughs since 1981 When winners church was created people where praying every and fasting everyday for the mandate. Since then every services cannot lack prayer and thanksgiving. Gradually we became 90 then thousand then Canaan Land Ota, 2015 Wonder double, 2019 5000 churches in one year and in 2020 10,000 Churches in one year what a noiseless breakthroughs. The good news tonight’s is yu must be a partaker in Jesus name. Oh come see the Lord is Good Let youy Amen be the loudest. Nehemiah accomplished the feat within 52 days less than 2 months. Nehemiah 1:1 ,3 He prayers, so when we pray we pray to the God in heaven who nothing is difficult. Nehemiah built the walls so shall your breakthroughs be completed before the end of this 21 data fast
This is your season for completion of your projects. However we maut understand the greatest headaches of the devil is church growth , in the name of Jesus He has lost already in Jesus name
Prayer and fasting enhances divine guidance and church growth! In this season God will guide your steps in Jesus name
Jonah 3:10 Jonah preached and the whole city turned to God. So engage in church growth with you whole heart and God will make you a ruler in every areas of your endeavors
Prayer: Lord set me on fire in my kingdom advancement endeavor, no more coldness help me to pray fervently and effectively in Jesus mighty name.
The body flesh an blood of Jesus shows Superiority yet there was not one feeble person among them that ate it. The strength and might on the Communion table takes every feebleness Palms 105:37 yet they that ate manner in the wildernesses but they that at his Flesh and Blood lived and not one feeble was found among them. Jesus asked his disciples why sleepest the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. We need spiritual strength to Carry through in prayers
The angel came to Elijah 1kings 19:8 gave Elihaj to eat and he went on that strength for 40 days and nights. Watch out and look out for the strength from the alter and Communion. Reach out to heaven by faith to be effectual. We need strength from the inside to break forth from the inside

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Day 5 Winners 2022 fast for 21 days David Jnr Oyedepo

Isaiah 66:8 as soon as Zioin travailed she brought up her children this is engaging in fasting and prayer
What does prayer fast do to facilitate church growth
1. Fresh revelation in the word. As we pesay fast there is unleashing of fresh revelations Acts 4:7, 6:7 they engaged in prayer and the word Acts 19:20 so from scripture we are made to understand there was increase of the word of God Acts 13:44 , Luke 5:1 the multitude pressed to hear the word of God. As the Word grow in revelation the multitude grow in population.
Matthew 24:28 wherever the word is scattered the people gather some must understand prayer and fasting is a necessity, it is the rifhgt words that grant us access to revelation. Isaiah 50:4 we engaged the alter of prsaer for the right words that’s why someone said he was prayer and Papa Oyedepo spoke to him.
The word of God is also they key for establishment of the word of God Johnn6:68 the external word bring eternal establishment. Nothing can disconnect us because of the right words we enjoy
2. Prayer and fasting enhances Spiritual refreshing this makes the Church as a wateres garden and this makes the sheep remain there Isaiah 58:11 why is this critical, we live in a world of weary heavey ladden and seeking for time of refreshing, the earth will burn like annoven Malachi 4:1 , Jeremiah 17:6 Zion is the place of refreshing peoples are weeping outside but when they come to the praying church God creates an Oasis for refreshing for everyone though engagement in prayer and fasting
Prayer : Lord grant me grace for advancing your kingdom on the alter of prayer and fasting
Communion By Bishop Oyedepo
Every prayer required fervency to secure heavens response we need to praynthe fervency border of prayers to push through, Lord hear me now Oh Lord hear me !! Daniel 11:32 the end time church is an army of men and women of exploits.
Some are notmsixkmnut they are not well at age of 40, say Jesus as I partake of this Communion in partake of the body Psalms 5:37 Jesus destroy every trace of feebleness in my body as I take this Communion in Jesus name. John 6:58 He that eateth this food shall live forever there won’t be a trace of anything dying inside. Every single winner under the affliction of the devil as you take this Communion your final rescue has come in Jesus name.

Monday Day 8 21 days fasting evening services

Matthew 12:45 why do we need to pray kingdom advancement prayers? To keep the church growing to meet the agenda of the father, of the Son.
Only a prayer church will ever remain a growing Church,. When a church stop praying they start groaning… ‘build your church lord, make us strong Lord , joinnour hearts Lord!!’
It takes faithfulness diligence to invest your best in this assignment. ‘Oluwa wagbemi soke’
Matthew 20:20 you move from glory to glory by divine revelation, we know not what to pray like the mother of James and John, we spend many hours praying junks cos we know not what to pray. God told me you don’t need no man to get to where am taking you. That time I was still down down, God is a multilevel capacity crane he can pick you to any height. You can never meet a man that keep changing position without being faithful. Your level will never stop changing and your life will never stop shining brighter and brifhgter innJesus name.
Nobody can promoted himself, you have to depend on God to show you what you must do to change levels. We prayed we been hanging around the church for too long we prayed Lord what must we do! He said come let me show you!
Lord cloth me with the garment of meekness,
Why must we continue to pray?
Church growth is warfare Luke 11:22 the gates of Hell are almout to stop the Church from growing that’s why we must continue prayeing
Prayer and fasting is a vital weapon Isaiah 66:7-8 Psalms 63:1-3 Matthew 17:21 you need to engaged combined forces of faith by prayer and fasting, is a life long task not just a 21 days alone. Before they go and recruit demons we have crushed them. Gods prophetic agenda is an ever flocking multitude church. That require putting a fight against all resisting forces of hell.
We must continue praying to retain our new converts, Jesus watch over these ones, its your will to secure them till they make heaven there home. Its like a fire alerm once it rings everybody rushes out regardless what was happening that’s how the Spirit forces the gathering of multitude. That’s the kind of focus we are invoking across our harvest Field.
We have the blessing of reaper angels, they don’t act until you requested. Any how prayer has no future and does not hold an answer. Pray specific and pray the will of God

Obedience is what count not what they will say Johnn10:17 willing delight some, tireless obedience, when faith is tired it passes offer to patience then to Love. Grace after the order of Christ for willfu obedience youndontngive good news with a frown, smiling obedience Philippians 2:11 that require tireless obedience that realm calls for tirelessly obedience, not January and February you are on vacation. It does not work that way! Never works that way.Your level of commitment to Christ determine your attainments in life, willful 2 Corinthians 8:12 , the rich fool made a request Luke 16:28 His has sent his prophets to tell the people what God is saying. We are soldiers of Christ we don’t go to rest. Get a soul established per month, don’t say you did it 2 years back. Don’t look at everybody else enjoy God willingly, in reserve and tireless
Prayer: Lord I desire your mind of obedience not making excuses to your instruction

Day 9 Winners church fast 18th January 2022: Why must we continue praying for church growth?

Palms 73:17, Jeremiah 3:15 he establish his people under a shepherd thereby becoming disciples of Chris
God want all mennsaved and multitude are still in the valley of decision not knowing were to settle. Joel 3:13 He wants all men to be saved, we are in the last days. You can’t find any new testament church that is void of prayer, without carrying pregnancy you can’t have children. If we don’t know the purpose of a thing we can go weary some times. We engage his hand to stay on duty building local assembly. It takes prayer to see taste and keep seeing church growth. Paul preached Apollos watered 1 Corinthians 3:6 But Gid gave the increase.

When a church stop praying they stop growing. If anything demands praying without season then is church growth. Satannleft Jesus for a season so you need to remain on duty. Men ought always to pray Luke18:5 we shall not lose it in Jesus name. We serve the Hod of addition, so let’s keep calling the God of addition, Holly Spirit savce them, keep themreserbe them for your purpose.
Praying for souls around you, to get serious with God, engage in WSF fellowship. WjennGod add nobody can subtract great multitude gather Mark 8:1, Luke 12:1 Christ the head of the Church is a messaih of multitude 3000 where added daikynto the church in the Actors of apostles
You must be born again to bath a candidate to as were prayers. If you have been disconnected from God pray the prayer of repentance accepting Jesus as your Lord and savior in this fasting season.

Wednesday Midweek 21 Days Fasting Prayer 2022: Understanding the power of vision РDavid Oyedepo Jnr

Isaiah 46: 10 we serve a God of plan and purpose and the plans are fomthe redeemed Jeremiah 1:5, Paul speaking in Ganaltians 1:15 God has detailed plans and purposes for the redeme in fact Ephesians 2:10 we are ordained for food works. Your arrivals on earth is a Prof that Ghod has a plan for you and this journey begins with discovery Jeremiah 29:12 seek me and you will find me. This discovery of Gods plan for him is vision. Mynprayer is each one will discover his vision in Jesus name.
It is discovery and the pursuit of Hods plan that birth giants. Joel 2:1 , Isaiah 60:2 arise shine thy light has come… V: 15 I will make you a Joy not many Generations Vs. 22 he said he will hasten it in his time. For this to be our experience we maut discover our porpsow
Why do we need vision?
1. To commit our ways to God for our glorious destinies to be realized Romans 8:29 Ever child of God has a glorious destiny and for it to be realized we must commit our ways to God. Proverbs 16:9 is the Lord that will direct His steps, its not a product of our mental capacity but access to divine plan.
Jeremiah 10:23 our brains are too small to detect our future it takes access and the guidance of Ghod to see that future realized. May God direct our part in this season in Jesus name.
Remember your future is not what you plan your future is in his plans. No one will miss out from there glorious destinies in Jesus name.
2. Always remembered God will always backup his plan not our plan Jonah 1:2 God said go to Nineveh but he boarded to Tarshish Gods plan was Nineveh but he was on course to Tarshish Romans 8:31 the backing of God is the security of destiny I pray in this season may each one secure access to Gods plan for your life in Jesus name.
How to access Gods vision for your life
1. Be spiritually watchful Habakkuk 2:1 to be wrathful means to be on the loook out in the Spirit. Our spirit man must be on the look out, a look out post is a place of observation, so we need to be on observation to what God will say. Revelation 4:1 Come up Hither I will show you the things that must happen. Until you find a man , a man that is ready to hear Ghod will not speak, so you must open your mind 2 Corinthians 4:13 we have to look out to what is spiritually discernable for what God is about to say
2. Continue to study in search of relevant facts. God has a plan for every childmofnGod and the plan is found in his word. So ween red to search these facts and study what Gods will is. Daniel 9:2 so we keep studying for facts. We must also be cautious in searching and what we expose ourselves to only thosenwho have proves Hebrews 6:2 those who have evidence 2 Timothy 4:3 we maut be on the lookout for those who are not ready to follow the set patterns Jeremiah 6:16 your life must not be lived for experiment so be cautious in your study so that you are not led astray
What are the bibilical proves of vision?
1. God goes before you John 10:4 when God is the one leading you, he goes ahead of you. Isaiah 45:1 I will! Go before thee he organized things before your arrival euesnhas not seen nor ears heard it. As you begin to work in the part of Vision the pan and purpose for your life shall be fulfilled.
2. God goes with you: Matthew 28:20 I am with you alway even to the end of the world Psams 24:8 lift up your head oh ye gates! When a man is walking in vision you find that man with God right beside him doors are not permitted to close over him. Hebrews 13:5&6 when you are with God nothing can stop you.

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