Shiloh 2021 Accommodation hostel room where to stay

Shiloh 2021 Accommodation hostel room where to stay

Are you looking for were to stay or drop your bags during Shiloh 2021? Good news as some arrangements has been made for both male and females. As we all know Shiloh 2021 is starting 07 Dec 2021 at Canaan Land Ota, with over 180 viewing centers across Lagos Ota

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Once you get to Cannan Land gate, you might be wandering were to head next, Hundreds of thousand of worshippers gather for the annual gathering. Shiloh 2021 tagged More Than A. Conqueror 2021.

From Canaan land Gate follow the road towards Covenant University short form CU.

Enter the CUSS gate that’s by the Right

Pictures and direction at the end of this post

Just before the Covenant University gate u will see a road by the right hand side. Enter the gate and walk down towards the extream right hand side. That’s were we have the Shiloh 2021 accommodation tents for male and female campers.


Items needed

1. Get a portable mattress, or camp bed or mat anything you can putnonnthe floor to feel bit comfortable

2. Bucket : u can bring bucket as there is plenty of water at the hostel tent for male and female, with toilet and bathroom facilities put in place already as you come

3. Cover cloth in case it gets cold

4. Food or money as food vendors are available at Shiloh 2021 Tagged more than a conqueror

5. Be security conscious with your belonging

6. Bible and writing materials for camp notes and semons from Bishop Oyedepo and other anointed men of God ministering at Shiloh 2021.

No stealing , no noise making, respect camp rules, respect other’s

Above all focus on Jesus, don’t be distracted.

Enjoy if you need any help WhatsApp for direction


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