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Sermon for today by Joyce Meyer : You Are Filled with Possibilities

Topic: You Are Filled with Possibilities

The good will of God for us is not going to just happen with no effort on our part, but it is possible if we listen, learn, and are
willing to change with His help. Change takes time, but it is time wellspent because it brings a great reward.


We all spend our time on something, so why not spend it on something that will produce benefits to us and our families and friends?

It is possible to change. Truthfully, you are filled with possibilities!
As a child of God, He dwells in you, and all that He is available to you through faith in Him and His promises.

You can know God and have intimate fellowship with Him. You can enjoy a life that will leave a legacy for others. God loves you, and He has created you in a unique and special way.

No one can do what you can do, exactly the way you can do it.
God wants you to learn to enjoy yourself and every moment of your life, but that cannot happen unless you develop habits that are life-giving instead of life-draining.

The habit of right thoughts and words is one of the most important habits to have,
and it will open the door to many other good habits that will lead you into the best life possible for you.

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