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Sermon for today by Joyce Meyer : Beware of the “Religious Compartment”

Topic: Beware of the “Religious Compartment”

Don’t divide your life into sacred and secular compartments.

joyce meyer ministries

You can’t have a compartment where you keep God and then run the rest of your life yourself. For many years I had a “religious compartment.” I went to church on Sunday.
Sometimes I read one chapter of the Bible in the evening out of obligation and then said a very short and often meaningless
prayer. It is no wonder that my life was like a train wreck. As I have already said, I was an unhappy, miserable, frustratedunfulfilled Christian. Yes, I said I was a Christian! I believed in and had received Jesus as my Savior. I understood salvation by grace alone and I was truly sorry for my sins. My problem was that I only invited God into my life on Sunday morning and in
serious emergencies. I did not have the Word habit or the God habit. I was sad, but He was probably sadder because He had
to watch me be miserable while His help was available for the asking. I was miserable because I wasn’t giving God access to my whole life. When I did, everything in my life changed for
the better.
“You do not have, because you do not ask” (James 4:2).
Start talking to God about everything you do. Invite Him into
your activities, and if what you’re doing and where you’re
going aren’t proper places for God, then stop!

Now you may be putting on the brakes because you know that you may have to make some lifestyle changes if you do
that. But those things you may want to hang on to are the things that are stealing your peace and joy anyway, so say
good-bye to them and get on with God’s plan for your life.

If you will develop the habit of putting God first in all things and inviting Him into everything you do, a lot of your bad
habits will be taken care of by the forming of this one good habit.

The more time we spend with Jesus, the more we become like Him. The Bible says that as we study the Word of God, we are transformed into His image, from one degree of glory to another (2 Corinthians 3:18). We see the law of gradual
growth in operation in this Scripture. If we are diligent in seeking Him, slowly and surely we become better people.
Prayer doesn’t just change things, it also changes us.
Prayer is not an obligation, it is a privilege. Spending time with God is habit forming, so get started today!

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