Sermon for today by Joel osteen : OUR JOY IS IN THE LORD


We will rejoice in the Lord, not in our heartaches and troubles and life circumstances. If you are joined to the Lord by faith, you can rejoice in the Lord and joy in the God of your salvation.

Salvation means “deliverance.” You can be joyful in the God of your salvation.
I see in Daniel 3 the three young Jewish men—Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego—refusing to bow to KingNebuchadnezzar’s golden image and headed for that fiery
furnace all bound up.

I can hear them shouting, “Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” If you asked themwhat they are praising God about, they would say, “We’re not praising because we’re going into the furnace; we’re praising Him because we’re coming out!”

I see Daniel refusing to stop praying and being thrown into that lions’ den in Daniel 6. Similar to his three friends, Daniel goes down in the den praising God.

He has the inner joy of the Lord. If you asked himhow he could be so joyful going
into the lions’ den, he would say, “I’mnot rejoicing because I’mgoing in, but because I’mcoming out. I take joy in the God
of my salvation.”

I see Paul and Silas in Acts 16. They’ve been beaten with rods and have been put in stocks in the Philippian jail. It looks
so bad. It has to feel bad. Yet at midnight they are singing praises to God and praying. If you asked themwhy they are
praising God, they would say, “We’re not praising God because we’re in jail; we’re praising God because we’re going
to get out of jail.”

You see, the joy of the Lord is God’s secret formula. We have a secret weapon that can hold us in the storm. We have a supernatural joy that is independent of our circumstances but dependent upon the Word of God.
The joy of the Lord is God’s specialformula.

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