Sermon for today by Joel osteen : An Abundance of Forgiveness for Every Relationship

An Abundance of Forgiveness for
Every Relationship

One day I was talking to the Lord about healing. I had been
thinking of the healings Jesus performed while He was on
earth. I said, “Lord, You were such a great healing preacher.

I wish I could have been there to hear some of Your healing sermons .

”The Lord said to me, “You have the min the Bible.

Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. That is what I taught. If the people believed and acted on My words, they were healed. If
they listened to Me and refused to believe what I taught, I could not heal them, even though I was there in person.”

I realized that in the Gospels, I had the healing sermons of Jesus. I am sure those are not all of His sermons, but they are the ones that God knew we needed. When I teach what Jesus taught in the Bible, people receive lasting healings and miracles fromGod. The truths that Jesus taught in the Bible usually do not make people run and jump with joy.

They are serious subjects that have to be dealt with in every area of life.

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