Sermon for today by Charles F. Stanley : Putting the “I” in Obedience

Topic:Putting the “I” in

You may not be aware of certain
areas of disobedience in your life.

Gauging your level of obedience to God can be a difficult task. Unless you’re in close contact with Him, you may not be aware of certain areas of disobedience in your life.

This may explain why God doesn’t answer your prayers or why, despite all your
best efforts, the circumstances of your life are still not working out.
Any area of disobedience in your life needs to be addressed because such sin will prevent you from experiencing God’s best. Perhaps God has asked something of you and, in response, you have either ignored His words or done only part of what He

True obedience to God means doing what He says, when He says it, how He says it should be done, and as long as He says to do it. It means doing what God says, regardless of whether or not you understand the reasons for it—until His will has been accomplished.

True obedience is doing what God says, regardless of you understanding the reasons.
Now, before you try to make a list of everything God has ever asked you to do or not do, consider this: Is there one particular area of your life in which you struggle to obey the Lord? As you read Scripture,
does He continually bring a specific sin to mind?

When you go to Him in prayer, does the same issue surface repeatedly? If the Lord is bringing something to your mind right now, it could be that you have
been living in the same uncomfortable situation for years because at some point, you chose to do things your way instead of His way.

[Jesus] saw two boats standing
by the lake; but the fishermen
had gone from them and were
washing their nets. . . . [Peter]
said to Him, “Master, we have
toiled all night and caught
nothing” (Luke 5:2, 5).

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