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Seeds of Destiny 17 April 2019 Devotional — The Preservation Power Of Uprightness

Topic: The Preservation Power of Uprightness
[Seeds of Destiny 17 April 2019 Devotional]
Uprightness or righteousness preserves but transgression destroys.

SCRIPTURE: Let integrity and uprightness preserve me; for I wait on thee. Psalms 25:21

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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Uprightness or righteousness preserves but transgression destroys.

It is clear from scriptures that there is a preservation power in uprightness (Psalms 25:21). Uprightness or righteousness preserves but transgression destroys. Maintaining an upright standing is key to preservation in life, but compromise is a way to destruction.

Job was one man in scripture who enjoyed the preservation power of uprightness. Despite the challenges and afflictions that he faced, as long as he held on to his integrity, the enemy could not finish him; he lived to a very good old age (Job 27:3, Job 42:16, 17).

The question is, how does uprightness preserve?

Uprightness keeps people in the Presence of God (Psalms 24:3-5). An upright person carries the Presence of God and the Presence of God is the preservative of life and destiny. Unrighteousness keeps you from God and to be kept from God is to be exposed to calamity.
Uprightness facilitates answers to prayers (Isa. 59:1-2). It is important that we have the assurance that God will answer our prayers when we call on Him, especially in times of emergencies (Jeremiah 33:3).

Beloved, to avoid uprightness is to embrace disaster. To enjoy iniquity is to endure calamity. To avoid uprightness is to avoid eternity in Heaven. The reason you must live an upright life is not just so you can escape premature death, but majorly because of your making eternity in heaven.

Whatever life a person lived that made him to end up in hell at the end was never worth it. But that shall not be your portion, in Jesus’ Name.

REMEMBER THIS: Uprightness or righteousness preserves but transgression destroys.

1.Avoid any distraction that tends to contend with your association with God.
2.Make eternity your focus in life.

PRAYER: O Lord, I ask for the grace to live uprightly. I resist every form of distraction in my life as I look forward to spending eternity with You, Lord in Jesus’ Name.

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