Seeds of Destiny 10 October 2019 Devotional: Divine Inspiration – A Key To SpeedL

Topic: Divine Inspiration – A Key To Speed
[Seeds of Destiny 10 October 2019 Devotional]
Inspiration is a ladder for distinction; nothing makes a star like divine sense

SCRIPTURE: But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding. Job 32:8


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Inspiration is a ladder for distinction; nothing makes a star like divine sense

Divine inspiration is gaining access to that which only God knows. It is coming to the point where you are supernaturally connected to hidden secrets from God.

The truth is, the common man depends on his common sense and that is why he sees only common results in his life. But Kingdom people depend on Kingdom or Divine sense and experience extraordinary or excellent results in life. Divine inspiration is a ladder for distinction. There is something God would show you that can make you achieve in one day what would take others one year to achieve.

Divine secrets are behind the making of kingdom stars. Nothing makes a star like divine sense. Nothing distinguishes people like the wisdom of God.

Divine inspiration is critical to gaining unusual speed in life. To be devoid of supernatural wisdom is to wallow in struggles and frustrations in life. Nothing slows life and destiny down like the deficiency of divine inspiration and direction.

Beloved, do not molest yourself by waiting for a mortal man for hours to beg for money. Rather, desperately wait on the Lord for a divine idea. One idea that God would give you can wipe off your long-term pocket affliction (poverty) and terminate the yoke of slow motion in your life.

Today, I declare the release of fresh light, insight, inspiration, wisdom and idea that would give you a 360-degree turnaround, in Jesus’ Name.

REMEMBER THIS: Inspiration is a ladder for distinction; nothing makes a star like sense

1.Get desperate and ask God to show you what to do that would turn your life around.
2.Consciously dig into the Scripture to contact insight or light for your total transformation.

PRAYER: Lord, I make demands on fresh light that would terminate my night. I connect Your grace for speed in all my life’s endeavours. Satisfy me early O Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

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