Joyce Meyer’daily sermon for today:set an overload alarm

Topic: Set an overload alarm

You really don’t have to do everything that everyone wants you to do, and it is perfectly acceptable to say no. Protect your peace by refusing to overload your schedule. As soon as you start feeling pressured to do more than you know you can do peacefully, let that be your overload alarm. Just as an alarm clock signals us to get up and start the day, let your overload

alarm be your signal to say no to whatever you must in order tor remainpeaceful. One of the people I have to say no to is myself .

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Sometimes I want to do things myself that cause me to  feel pressured and I have to say, “Joyce, your peace is more  important than this thing you want to do.” Quite often we areo ur own worst enemy. We may want to be involved ine verything that everyone we know is involved in, but it may notb bebest for us. If you follow wisdom, you can remain peaceful  even when everyone you know is stressed from hurrying.

When making appointments that can quickly fill up all of your days, be sure to make appointments with yourself for rest
and relaxation. Take time to evaluate your schedule often, and if there are things on it that are not bearing good fruit for you
or that you no longer think you should be doing, eliminate them.

Ask yourself if what you are doing is worth what you are doing to yourself in order to do it.
God is not in a hurry. If we hurry, we are likely to run right past Him and then wonder where He went. Learn to live in
God’s divine rhythm. Live at a pace that allows you to do what you do patiently and peacefully.
St. Francis de Sales said, “Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”

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