Joyce meyer’daily sermon for today: Living with Margin

  Topic:    Living with Margin

If you have a serious hurry habit, you will probably need to locate the roots of your problem. Hurry may just be a bad habit, but it can also be the fruit of procrastination. People who procrastinate and delay—who always wait until the last minute to do things—will always be in a hurry. Learn to live with margin.

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That means to allocate more time to get ready to do things and get places than you think you might need. Then, if something happens that you didn’t expect to happen, you will be prepared.

I am very focused and despise wasting time, so I tend to not leave much room between appointments or events, and that
has often caused me to feel rushed. If anything at all goes wrong with my perfect plan, then my whole day can be off in
its well-planned timing. I have learned through experiencing many frustrating days that the best plan is to leave room
(margin) for the unexpected things. In other words, I have learned to expect the unexpected. If your plan for the day isn’t working, make a phone call and change something if that will keep you from having to hurry. Declare war on hurry, and stay
in the battle until you have detected and defeated every enemy of your peace.

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