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Joyce meyer’daily sermon for today:. Creatures of Habit

Topic: Creatures of Habit

We are creatures of habit, but bad habits can be broken and they can be replaced with good habits. As I have said already,
I believe if we concentrate on forming good habits, the bad ones won’t have any room to operate in our lives.

joyce meyer ministries

We can form the habit of being a generous person who continually reaches out to others to make their lives better, and in doing so the bad habits we previously had will find no place in us. I admit that I was a very selfish, self-centered person for much
of my life. We don’t have to learn to be selfish. We are born with that ability.

Thankfully, through the new birth in Jesus
Christ, we can change. Jesus died so that we no longer have to live to and for ourselves (2 Corinthians 5:15).

That is good news! We can be free from selfishness. We can be free from
constantly thinking, “What about me?” We won’t have to fear that our needs won’t be met, because God will always take care of our needs when we busy ourselves with taking care of the needs of other people.

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