Joyce Meyer ‘s daily sermon for today : Acceptance with Joy

Topic:Acceptance with Joy

The faith habit allows us to accept whatever our circumstances are with joy because we trust that God works
all things out for good (Romans 8:28). We can trust God no matter what things look or feel like. Mrs. Charles E. Cowman,

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who wrote Streams in the Desert, said, “We must take God at His word. Experience reveals that such a faith will not make
the sun shine sooner, but it will make the night seem shorter.”

Trust is simply asking God for what you want, need, or desire and giving Him the respect and honor due Him by allowing Him to bring it to pass when and how He sees fit.

God doesn’t necessarily want to hear us asking why and when, but does love to hear us say, “I trust You.” God wants us to trust Him in things, and not merely for
something. Our ways are not His ways, but His ways are perfect. His timing is not ours, but He is never late. The faith
habit will help us maintain the happy habit.
Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get
it].  Mark 11:24

This Scripture is exciting, but we must realize that it does not tell us when we will get what we have asked for. We inherit the promises of God through faith and patience
(Hebrews 6:12). Our impatience won’t make God hurry, and we might as well decide to wait with joy. Acceptance with joy
is proof of faith. Our attitude says loud and clear, “I believe God is perfect in all of His ways, and I know I am in His hands.”

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