Joyce Meyer daily sermons for today :Life with Limits

Life with Limits

The phrase “Take the Limits Off” is popular today, but is it biblical? We don’t want to limit what God can do in our life through unbelief, but if we ignore healthy and wise limits, we are asking for disaster. Even good things can become bad things if we impose no limits. For example, if you spend so much time being good to other people that you have no time to take care of yourself properly, your good intention will
eventually cause you health and perhaps emotional problems.

Boundaries, borders, or limits are vital in every area of life.
Establishing and keeping them requires discipline and the forming of good habits. I think it would be safe to say that
discipline and good habits go hand in hand, just as no discipline and bad habits do.

Some people cringe at the mention of the word discipline.
They have a mental attitude toward it that is unhealthy and self-defeating. We need to see that discipline is our friend, not our enemy. It helps us be what we say we want to be, do what
we say we want to do, and have what we say we want to have. Saying what one wants is easy and costs nothing, but
obtaining it requires discipline. Discipline doesn’t prevent us from having fun and doing what we want to in life, but instead
it helps us obtain what we truly want, which is peace, joy, and right relationships as well as other things.

We should love discipline and embrace it as our companion in life. We should invite it to be with us at all times, because it is always ready to keep us out of trouble. God’s Word teaches us that only a fool hates discipline.

  1. Most of the people I have encountered whose lives are like a train wreck are not disciplined individuals. They live by
    emotion rather than principle, and wisdom is far from them.
    They eventually have nothing left but regret in their life over what they have or have not done. We can all have the pain of
    discipline or the pain of regret. Wise people will discipline themselves, and that means that they do today what they will
    be happy with later on in life.

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