Joyce Meyer daily sermon for today : Emotional Reactions

Topic : Emotional Reactions

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We have learned behaviors that cause us to react to a variety of situations without even thinking. They are habits that have
been formed through years of repetition. When we are upset, we react one way; when we are discouraged, it may be another way. When we are hurt, we may react in a completely different way than when we are upset or discouraged.

Jesus experienced all of these emotions and yet He always reacted the same way. He trusted God and remained peaceful. Can we do the same thing? Yes, we can! Begin paying attention to how you react in situations and record your observations in a journal.

Before long you will realize that you are reacting to emotional stimuli instead of purposely acting according to God’s instructions in His Word. You can develop a new habit of remaining stable in all circumstances.
If I feel sorry for myself and angry when someone hurts my feelings, then I am reacting to the emotions they stirred up
in me.

That puts them in control of my life, and that is not a good thing. However, if I forgive them, which is what Jesus
teaches us to do, then God is controlling my life, and that is a wonderful thing. If we allow what other people do to us and
other circumstances to control our behavior, then we become a slave to our emotions. On the other hand, if we are willingly led by the Word of God and by His Spirit, we become Servants of God and can expect to enjoy life and all God has promised us.

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