Joel osteen’daily sermons for today: SPIRITUALLY ALIVE BUT STILL BOUND


Let me illustrate this spiritual principle through the story of Lazarus (John 11).

Lazarus was dead, yet Jesus told the
people that if they would believe, they would see the glory of God. Jesus wept as He came to the grave, and then He cried
out, “Lazarus, come forth!”

Lazarus came forth and received life. He came out, but he was bound with grave clothes around his body and a napkin
was about his mouth. He was bound! He was alive, but he was not free!

Multitudes of believers in alldenominations have received eternal life, but they are still bound in religious grave clothes.
Jesus said, “Loose Lazarus, and let himgo!” and He’s saying the same to His church today: “Loose them, and let themgo!”

JESUS WANTS US FREE so we can go in the power of the Holy Spirit and evangelize the world!

When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, I was truly saved. I had spiritual life, but I was not free. I needed the freedom to live and act like the Christians in the book of Acts.

I needed to be free to praise God. I needed the religious napkin taken off my mouth to be able to worship God in spirit and in

Earlier in the book, I wrote about the little bird that was hatched in a cage and never knew there was anything more than the cage in which it was confined. Then one day the cage door was left open, and it flew out and through the window— set free to fly as it was meant to fly.

That little bird represents my story. I was hatched in my religious birdcage, and there I sat on my swing. I ate my religious birdseed and sang my religious songs. Thank God, I finally got out to enjoy all the
free blessings and abundance of God.
You do not have to leave your church—just get set free!
Be free to live and walk in the Holy Spirit. Love all of God’s people. It is all right to be in your church as long as you are not
being restricted frombeing full of the Holy Spirit.

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