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Joel osteen daily sermons for today :You Are Who God Says You Are

You Are Who God Says You Are

Romans 4 says to “call the things that are not as though they were.”
That simply means that you shouldn’t talk about the way you are.
Talk about the way you want to be. If you’re struggling in your finances, don’t go around saying, “Oh, man, business is so slow. The
economy is so down. It’s never going to work out.” That’s calling the things that are as if they will always be that way. That’s just describing negative words to you when you were young. But know this: Before
anyone could put a curse on you, God put a blessing on you. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, God knew you, and He approved you. When God made you, He stepped back and said, “I like that. That was good. Another masterpiece!” He stamped His approval on you. Other people may try to disapprove of you. Don’t
go around feeling less than, feeling inferior. Our attitude should be: I am approved by Almighty God. I am accepted. I am a master- piece. When you talk like that, the seeds of greatness God has placed
inside will begin to spring forth.

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