Joel osteen daily sermons for today :Change Your “I Am”s

Change Your “I Am”s

You have gifts and talents that you’ve not tapped into yet. There is a treasure inside you. Throughout life, negative thoughts will try to keep it pushed down. The enemy doesn’t want you to reach your full
potential. There are forces constantly trying to make you feel intimi-dated, inferior, unqualified. If you’re going to fulfill your destiny, you have to shake off the negative voices. Shake off the thoughts
that are telling you, I am unable. I am unqualified. Don’t invite weak-
ness. Don’t give intimidation an invi-
tation. You may feel unqualified, but before you were born, God equipped you. He empowered you. You are not lacking anything. God has already stamped His approval on you. People may try to push you down, but when you know God has approved you, you realize, I don’t need other people’s approval. I’ve been equipped, empowered, and anointed by the Creator
of the universe!
I know a man who was told by his high school counselor that he wasn’t very smart and should focus on the lowest skilled job that he could find. I’m sure the counselor meant well, but he didn’t know who this young man was on the inside. He didn’t see the seeds of greatness God had planted in this young man. As a high school stu-
dent, this young man’s “I am” was distorted. “I am not up to par. I am not smart. I am very average.” He didn’t realize he was inviting
that into his life, but over time it showed up.
After high school, this man got a job at the local factory and stayed at the lowest level year after year after year. One day the fac-
tory closed down, so he went across town and applied at another factory. This company had a policy that job applicants had to first take an IQ test. He took the test and scored the highest in the
company’s sixty-three-year history. His IQ score was assessed at genius level. He went on to start his own business, and he invented and patented two very successful products. Today, he is extremely blessed.
What happened? He changed his “I am.”
Could it be what someone has told you is keeping you from God’s best? Could it be that the wrong “I am” is keeping you from ris- ing higher and reaching your full potential? Do what this man did Change your “I am.” Don’t let what somebody told you determine your destiny. Get in agreement with God. Know who you are and know who you are not. “I am not lacking. I am not average. I am not inferior. I am equipped. I am empowered. I am anointed. I am wise.
I am a masterpiece.”

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