Joel osteeen’s daily sermon for today: LIVE IN THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT


You do not have to feel like God’s power is in you. Believe God. You have the Holy Spirit. Go in the Name of Jesus! God
expects you to live and move in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are divided to every man, woman, and child as God wills. The manifestation
of the gifts is for everyone. There is a divine gift that should be flowing in your life—in your life! You have not been left out.

You can move in the mighty streamof the supernatural power of God.

It is so thrilling! It is so wonderful to see God work!
Begin to be concerned about humanity. Lay hands on people and minister to people in love. God will begin to manifest what He desires through your life.
If we are the New Testament church, we not only believe in salvation by grace, but we believe in the baptismof the Holy Spirit that clothes us with power.

It is not enough for us to be gathered together and sing and praise and laugh and rejoice. We must teach the Word of
God and feed God’s people. As they grow, they will be so filled with God’s glory and God’s truth that they will arise.

They will go forth and begin to minister to people’s needs in God’s
power. The lost will turn to Jesus and be saved.
You are on a dead-end street if you do not see that after you are clothed with power and speak in tongues, you have just entered into the doorway to a life of the supernatural.

This is not just for preachers, but there is power for all of the body
of Christ.

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