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From The Book Of Making Good Decision – Be Active By Joyce Meyer

Topic: Be Active

God’s Word encourages us to be active, and by being active we shut the door to laziness, procrastination, and passivity.
Remember, if we do the right thing, there will be no room for the wrong thing.

joyce meyer ministries

Don’t merely focus on breaking all of your bad habits but instead use your energy to actively form good habits. You willsoon find there is no room in your life for the bad ones.

Don’t wait to “feel” like doing a thing to do it. Live by decision, not emotion. I have learned by experience that the more I sit around and do nothing, the more I want to sit around and do nothing, but if I get up and get moving, then energyb begins to flow.

Activity is like flipping on a light switch. The power is there all the time, but it is not ignited until you flip the switch. We always have the ability to be active, but no energy flows until we actually get moving.

There are mornings when I feelsluggish and as if I could just sit in a chair all day, but I have learned that after my exercise routine, I feel energetic, and that helps to motivate me to do it.

If you feelsluggish, try taking a walk or doing some other kind of activity that will get your blood circulating. Don’t wait to feel like it; just do it.

You are more powerful than you may realize. God has given you free will, and that means you can decide to do what is right and nothing can stop you. When we decide in favor of God’s ways, He always joins forces with us for assured victory.

As we leave this chapter, choose a habit you want to form and begin putting these principles into practice. Be patient with yourself. It takes time to create habits, and you may not succeed every day.

If you realize you have failed, don’t waste time being discouraged; just pick up where you left off and begin again. Be kind to yourself, because beating yourself up for every mistake is another bad habit that needs to be broken

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