David Oyedepo Daily Declaration

Financial Dominion is my Heritage in Christ David Oyedepo Message

Jesus speak to me tonight

Financial Dominion is my Heritage in Christ David Oyedepo Message

Be sensitive to God’s time of visitation you know not the hour be spiritually smart

The next 3 and half weeks as a prophet will send some people to height without any human question.

You own the blessing when it comes not me. Living up with God’s instructions keeps you in line.

Blind Bartimaeus screen, even more, he never allowed his time pass.


David Oyedepo Daily Declaration

Quick Announcement: the economic gloom we see across the earth is just the beginning it is wise to take a covenant cover in other not to be a victim.

Winners church since its inception has never known economic hardship you can’t be in this church and not see it unless the testimonies you see you doubt like Thomas.

Here is a church that has never begged or taken a dime from foreign Nations.

That how strong the covenant with this church is, properly decorated.

Where you stand in the covenant is important.

The bad news is that it will get worst in the world but for the believer who takes cover save

Financial Dominion is my Heritage in Christ

Revelation 5:12
Proverbs 22:7

Operating in the realms of financial fortune

Psalms 65:12

We belong to a wealthy place in His kingdom Proverbs 3:9

1 Chronicles 28:4

I set my affection on God by giving, I walk my way into his favor David speaking. David was out there all out for God his brothers were proudly parading and going they will be anointed, king

The high flyers of this dark age are selfless lovers of God. who shall separate us from the love of our God? They went through the fiery furnace.

Psalms 102:15 fearful glory Partain to lovers of God

Kingdom advancement enables believers to enjoy supernatural financial Dominion.
Jeremiah 33:21 we are redeemed as kings and priest
Its about seed time and harvest don’t expect a harvest without a seed time

Giving is sowing receiving is reaping, you must preserve dome for sowing and we need understanding on what guarantee return

Job 22:21 Get understanding of the ways of the Lord Proverbs 13:15 is vital

Job 22:23 then shall thou lay up gold as dust

We understand our seed is not a donation but a spiritual transaction

Genesis 8:21 the sacrifice was on the earth yet God smell it from heaven.

Abraham obeyed God to sacrifice Isaac answered in heaven

2 Samuel 24:25

When you give to the poor or needy you lent to the Lord in Proverbs

Many financial giants are rising here in Jesus’ name. God does not promote the proud but gives grace to the humble

1Kings 3:3 God smell the sacrifice of Solomon and he came down

Financial seeds down is a covenant that guarantees a supernatural harvest

2 Corinthians 9:7 he that sow

You must be spiritual about your giving.

Sow your seed willingly
Exodus 35:4, 22 they brought willingly

Paul said I do it willingly

Remember if we give or not God remains I am that I am