Faith Oyedepo Daily Declaration 20th February 2020 #FaithOyedepo #MarriageTalk

Faith Oyedepo Daily Declaration

Wives, you reverence your husband when his word counts in your ears and heart, and his instructions matter to you. Not that when He speaks, they enter one ear and come out from the other.
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No matter how long that oppression has being in your life, today marks your day of escape!

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Pastor Faith Oyedepo Daily

There was a period in my life that I was challenged in my health even to the point of death, and one of my major area of strength was to have senior Pastors in ministry that stood in the gap for me before God. Be humble and smart enough to identify them

All through the days of your life, you won’t know depression anymore, in the name of Jesus!

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Doors to your testimonies are declared opened today, in the name of Jesus!

You are breaking out of every form of obscurity into lime light in the name of Jesus!

it is also being sad, isolated and discouraged which is most common among single youths today. Please know that being alone is different from loneliness.
Ways to deal with this is:
1.Be reassured that God cares and understands you
2.Develop an intimate relationship with God.
3.Carry out a self-check and adjust where necessary.
4.Focus on being positive and joyful.

In God’s design, we have the desire to be loved, desired and appreciated but if we don’t get that desire, sometimes loneliness comes in. Loneliness is that feeling that you lack meaningful contact with others;

Single folks, while you wait for God to settle you, use this period to get committed to pursuing your goals; be it in career, academics or business. Stop waiting until you get married before you start!

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, God is turning you around!

Anything called incurable is settled today, in the name of Jesus!

One of the major reasons for crises in families today is because family members do not fully understand their God-given responsibilities in the family set-up. If a person does not know his duties in the family set-up, he cannot fulfil his obligations.


women should be in subjection to their husbands in everything.

When a woman allows her husband to fulfil his covenant role of headship, she has automatically given him the room to play his messianic role over her.


Similarly, any woman or women’s organisation that attempts to question the position of the man in the family should be regarded as being under a demonic influence. God expects that just as the Church is subject to Christ in everything, even so,


Also, the fact that the bone was not taken from Adam’s feet proves that the wife is not to be trodden under foot or trampled upon as a slave.

It would be demonic for any Christian to question the leadership of Jesus over the Church.


What God did at creation clearly reflects the position of the woman in the home. He took a rib from the side of the man to make the woman (Genesis 2:21).

The fact that the bone was not extracted from Adam’s head tells you that the man’s position as the head is incontestable.

Every health and family siege is over, in the name of Jesus!

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Do you know “I’m sorry” to your spouse can save your marriage?

God not man said ‘man love your wife and wife submit to your own husband’…




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