Everyday Study by Joyce Meyer: Check Your Motives

Everyday Study by Joyce Meyer: Check Your Motives

Check Your Motives
It’s very easy sometimes for us to deceive ourselves about our motives—the “why” behind the “what”—so it’s good to take the time occasionally to ask God to show us anything that we might be doing for a wrong reason.


Joyce Meyer Devotional

I love doing what I call “motive checks.” An honest evaluation of our motives can be hard, but it can be one of the most freeing things we ever do. Start by asking yourself specific questions such as, “Why am I doing this? or “Do I really have a heart for this?” God sees and knows what’s in your heart, and He will help us see if we’re doing something for a wrong reason. The things we’re doing can be completely without value if the reason we are doing them is wrong. I frequently reevaluate my motives and discontinue things I find I am doing for the wrong reason, and that helps me keep my priorities in order. I encourage you to take some time for soul-searching and learn the “why” behind your “what.”

This Week’s Scripture:
All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord.
Proverbs 16:2 NIV
Everyday Study by Joyce Meyer: Check Your Motives
Joyce Meyer Devotional 17 July 2019 — Break Your Box

Tip from Joyce:
“If our motives aren’t pure, we may start out serving our families and friends and loving it. But after a while, our hearts can begin to change and we begin to expect something in return.” – Joyce Meyer

Study Suggestion:
Ask God to show you why you do many of the things you do, especially the ones that seem to add stress to your life. If you are willing to eliminate everything that is done with wrong motives, you may suddenly find more peace in your life and schedule.Joyce Meyer daily sermons for today : SATAN HATES AND FEARS THE WORD

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