Dr Charles F. Stanley ‘s sermon for today : Close your physical eyes in times of trouble and open your spiritual eyes

Topic: Close your physical eyes in times of trouble and open your spiritual

The first thing to do is close your physical eyes because they’re not helping. Stop measuring your problems against your ability to handle them because the enemy will use your senses to magnify what
you’re going through. Then you must open your spiritual eyes—the ones fixed on God. Worship Him.

Read His Word. Pray. Remember how He has helped others in the past, and thank Him that the mighty wisdom and power that was available to them has been provided to you as well. God is ready, willing, and able to rescue you from the jaws of defeat, and He will do whatever is necessary to lead you to triumph when you obey Him.
How will you live out Life Principle 9 this week?
Begin by creating a list of personal experiences in which God helped you overcome an obstacle you considered insurmountable, answered a prayer in an
unexpected way, or gave you peace of mind in the midst of frightening circumstances. Spend time in
prayer, thanking God for all the ways He has helped you overcome these obstacles in the past and given you peace of mind. Commit to seeking Him first when you face a challenge in the future and ask for
His perspective.

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