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DCLM Daily Manna 5 June 2019 – Looking Back to Remember

Topic: Looking Back to Remember
[DCLM Daily Manna 5 June 2019 Daily Devotional by Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi]
Text: Deuteronomy 16:1-12 (KJV)

Key Verse: “And thou shalt remember that thou wast a bondman in Egypt: and thou shalt observe and do these statutes” (Deuteronomy 16:12).


During the wilderness experience of the children of Israel as they journeyed to Canaan, the Lord instituted some festivals to help His people remember His dealings with them.

The text today records some of the festivals and ceremonies the Lord commanded the children of Israel to observe as a way of commemorating some of the important events of their existence as a nation. One of such festivals was the feast of Passover. This was to help the nation remember their captivity in Egypt and their miraculous deliverance. There was also the feast of the weeks. These festivals were not just to be mere religious observances but were meant to serve as sobering moments when they recalled their once captive state, helplessness and the wonder of God’s miraculous deliverance. These observances were supposed to elicit from them, an attitude of thankfulness and a resolve to remain faithful and loyal to God who had granted them deliverance.

We too have some ordinances that the Lord has commanded us to observe. These are water baptism and Lord’s Supper which we also know as the Holy Communion. This ordinance is not to be seen as a mere religious observance or approached with a frivolous and carefree attitude. The Lord’s Supper helps us to look back at Calvary with gratitude for what Jesus did for us on the cross and forward to heaven in anticipation of the glorious feast with the Lord at the last marriage supper. These help to put a check on our Christian life.

In doing this, we will grateful unto the Lord and will never think of wandering away from Him.

Thought For The Day: Never forget where you are coming from and where you are headed!

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