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DCLM Daily Manna 4 July, 2018 by Pastor Kumuyi – A People Of No Understanding

Topic: A People Of No Understanding [DCLM Daily Manna Wednesday July 4, 2018]
Text: Isaiah 27:1-13 (KJV)

Key Verse:

“When the boughs thereof are withered, they shall be broken off: the women come, and set them on fire: for it is a people of no understanding: therefore he that made them will not have mercy on them, and he that formed them will shew them no favour” (Isaiah 27:11).


Charles Dickens said, “There is a wisdom of the head, and …there is a wisdom of the heart”.

Our passage today is a lamentation over a nation went into captivity because they forgot themselves and their history. But the Lord promised to deliver Judah from captivity and to recompense their oppressors according to the measure of brutality meted out to them when they were under judgment. By this action, the iniquity of Jacob shall then be purged but her cities will remain desolate. The Lord lamented the obvious bankruptcy of understanding among His people with so much prospects, yet giving all away in exchange for nothing.

Israel is described as ‘a people of no understanding’. The same can be said of our world today. Despite our advancement in science and technology, which has improved the standard of living, our wisdom in the things of God is rather declining. Though innovations are brought into every field of human development, godly wisdom and understanding is decreasing. We are wise enough to put a man in space, develop weapons of mass destruction, produce and utilise robots in our manufacturing and production systems. Yet, we are not wise enough to understand biblical principles.

We need to desist from the ways of the Israelites who despised their prophets and made jest of the word of God until they went into captivity. We must ask God for forgiveness and return to Him today before His wrath falls on us.

Thought For The Day: The future can’t be changed if we think the same way.

Bible Reading In One Year: 2 Kings 9-11

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