David Oyedepo Daily Declaration Feb 18 2020

May every closed door against your life be blasted opened!
#OpenDoors #Tuesday #Breakinglimits
Covenant Blessings For The Week!!!

David Oyedepo Daily Declaration

David Oyedepo Daily Declaration Feb 18 2020

If you said the alter call prayer, email us at outreachconvertsdata@lfcww.org and if you live in/around Lagos or its environs, visit us at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland. We are always open. Your story is changing today!

* Favour will locate you and take you to your high places!
* Your story is changing like a dream of the night!
* No door shall ever be shut against you!
Covenant Blessings For The Week!!!

* Your business will never crash!
* Every yoke of the wicked on all that pertains to you is destroyed!
* Whatever is humiliating any aspect of your life is totally destroyed today!
* You will not remain a laughing stock!
* God will set you on high!
* The last time you begged is the last you will ever beg!
* You will never beg to send your children to school!


Covenant Blessings For The Week!!!

No declaration from God’s anointed priest falls to the ground.
It is by the blessings of prophets that the supernatural becomes your advantage.

* You will never know a better yesterday anymore!


The good news is that the siege over your life is finally over!

Your will to succeed creates the way to succeed. Make an undying decision to succeed in whatever you do and apply the relevant principles. Choose to succeed and don’t accept any excuse to remain a failure.

The difference between a success and a failure is in what you invest your time to do.’ – Bishop David Oyedepo

Success is not a gift, it is an attainment; only workers are entitled to success. If you are a worker however little, be proud of yourself!

This is your week of speedy answers to prayers in the name of Jesus!

‘All that pity you, will begin to envy you!
You will never be seen as a liability to your generation!
As you are anointed today, impossible doors begin to open!’ – Bishop David Oyedepo

‘Every closed door against your career, business, family, children, shall be opened today!
This year you will see God in action!
You shall not remain a laughing stock!’ – Bishop David Oyedepo

‘Every yoke hanging on your life shall be destroyed today!
Every weapon arrayed against your destiny shall be destroyed!
This is your limelight year, and you are breaking limits! – Bishop David Oyedepo

‘The content of the bottle is declared the holy anointing oil&it shall destroy the yoke of the enemy.
Put a little of this oil on your fingertip and place it on your forehead & declare what the Word’ – Bishop David Oyedepo

‘What The Anointing Does to the Redeemed?

1. It destroys every yoke and opens impossible doors. Lk. 4:18; Is. 54:17
2. It brings ordinary people to the limelight. 1 Sam. 17:56; Acts 2:41’ – Bishop David Oyedepo
‘Hidden Secrets About Your Redemption in Christ.

4. You have been redeemed a god to your world. Ps. 82:6′ – Bishop David Oyedepo
Hidden Secrets About Your Redemption in Christ.

3. You have been redeemed to command the supernatural. Jn. 3:8

You will never gather money to treat sickness again in your life!’ – Bishop David Oyedepo
Hidden Secrets About Your Redemption in Christ.

2. You have been redeemed for the top. Matt. 5:14 – Bishop David Oyedepo
Hidden Secrets About Your Redemption in Christ.

Your discovery today determines your recovery tomorrow.

1. You are redeemed as a star, not as a failure. Ps. 119:130 – Bishop David Oyedepo
‘There are two kinds of pain, the pain of discipline and the pain of regrets.
Embrace the pain of discipline to avoid the pain of regret’. – Bishop David Oyedepo

‘The Bible is loaded with treasures of inestimable values. Mt. 13:44
That you heard it doesn’t mean you have seen it. It has to be revealed to you. Deut. 29:29’ – Bishop David Oyedepo

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