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David O Oyedepo messages today – Engaging the power of testimony Isaiah 8:20

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David O Oyedepo messages today

The supernatural is my New Realm in Redemption – David Oyedepo

Topic: Engaging the power of testimony Isaiah 8:20

David O Oyedepo messages today

When your obedience touches God he makes you an uncorsable entity, every blessing in God require you to play your part, Acts 2:38, Mark 16:16 anytime you take the word of God raw, you provoke the blessing, embrace the word of God and watch him decorate your life. We are simply on a church on a rescued mission on this dying world. The supernatural is simply the manifestation of the word we received and obey, God is simply confirming his word through our obedience of faith. It is only the word we received believed and obey that ye are empowered to become James 1:23, the Bible is not a motivation textbook! You put it to work it works for you, it is the practice of the words that cumulate to fruits. Whatever word we don’t act upon we don’t truly believe, James 2:8 you better wake up and act! You make moves to make news Genesis 23:3 you don’t make moves you don’t make news, Noah moved, Hebrews 11:7

David O Oyedepo messages today
We should also be reminded that we are empowered to make an impact Mark 16:20, Acts 8:20 we are empowered basically to bring souls John 4:43 soul winning into the kingdom, that is the primary reason we are empowered supernaturally. It is a lifelong decoration, touching the lives of many, bringing souls. Obedience of faith is key to commanding the supernatural.

Topic: Engaging the power of testimony Isaiah 8:20

Testimonies are not mere stories but the manifestation of God to his children, they are appointed for our heritage in Christ, it is simply followuijthe process that result in these testimonies Psalms 119:111, Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8 you are interested in these testimonies then follow the process. Every testimony is a seed with capacity to reproduce itself Psalams 19:7 , the seed is the wordmof God, Luke 8:11 that is every testimony is a seed with capacity to reproduce itself, you are not struggling, it practically deliver if you put e word to work at the same rate.

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Every testimony has the capacity to practically reproduce itself, Matthew 14:36. Every prophecy is prophetic in nature revelation 19:10. testimonies are spiritual seeds, Ephesian 1:21, this has replicated in my life over 40 years ago. I learn this from Smith Wigglesworth, testimonies are not stories,
Testimonies are spiritual arrows, 1 Samuel 17:37, Revelation 12:11 testimonies are not mere religious stories but raw power of God. The testimonies of the past in the bible to guaranteed our victory over today’s battles. Don’t sit in church as if they force you to come. Sitting down under God there must be a pass mark, don’t sit no notes, no nothing! On the day of exams we would know if truly you are following, so wake up!
We can always draw from the testimonies of others for our desired turn around. Every winner shall be decorated in Jesus name. John 4:6 as you walk in that understanding your level change supernaturally. Engage vigorously in this Operation 615, bring them and engage them in Christ.

David O Oyedepo messages today
You want to see the work of God done in your life, engage with your faith. This is not someone harassing you but an opportunity to realized your glorious destiny in Christ, you better wake up and put your faith to work. I must be a partaker of this operation, they must come in. Put your faith in line, anyone can invite anybody, it does not matter who they are.

Thank you, Jesus, for your word today, it shall abide in your life forever. Remember if you have not surrendered to Jesus, you need to make that decision now, you might have lost it somewhere along the line, its time to also rededicate your life to Jesus name. David O Oyedepo messages today

confess your sins to Jesus and ask him to come into your life, ask Jesus to wash you with his blood, believe it and thank Him for forgiving you. Ask him to give you a new life, ask him to write your name in the book of life, In Jesus name Amen!!

Be blessed now and always! We invite you to next Sunday service at Winners Church Canaan Land Lagos/Ota for our Covenant day of RESCUE, come and have an encounter with Jesus. If you Live around Lagos and Ota, join any of our 5 Services on Sunday at Faith Tabernacle Canaan Land Ota. If you Live outside Lagos/Ota join any of our worship centers World Wide,

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David O Oyedepo messages today

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