Daily sermon from Joyce Meyer : Faith for the Future

Topic:Faith for the Future

We all think we would love to know the future. People who don’t know how to trust God may spend thousands of dollars
consulting fortune-tellers and supposed psychics hoping to get a glimpse into the future.

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They don’t need to waste their money. God is the only One who knows the future. He might choose to speak of the future through one of His prophets, but
usually He just wants us to trust Him.

The “What am I going to
do?” question is frequently on all of our minds, but we don’t have to entertain it. I don’t know exactly what the future holds
for me, but I do believe that whatever it is, it will be God’s good and perfect plan. One Christian man often said, “I don’t
know what the future holds, but I do know Who holds the future.”

Anytime a worry comes to our mind about the future, we can immediately choose faith in God instead of worry.
The world condition today is very unstable, and the pressure to worry about it is increasing. What if the economy totally fails? What if I lose my job and all my retirement savings? I drive a hundred miles round-trip daily to work, so what am I going to do if gasoline prices keep going up? I never had any children; who will take care of me when I am old?

The questions and wonderings are endless if we let our minds go there, but we can also choose to develop the faith habit. We
don’t know all the answers, but we can know God, and He does know the answers. When faith is a habit, we won’t waste
our time and energy on worry.

You may have a situation looming in the future that you know you will need to confront, and you just don’t feel that you
are up to it. Don’t worry. God will give you the grace, wisdom, and strength you need when the times comes. Until then, have

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